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WoodPecker LX16 Plus Diode Dental Soft Tissue Laser

WoodPecker LX16 Plus Diode Dental Soft Tissue Laser

WoodPecker LX16 Plus Diode Dental Soft Tissue Laser

The Lx16 Plus Soft Tissue Dental Laser is a  Innovative Three Wavelengths Blue Semiconductor Laser Therapy Device
Can be used for the fields of dental soft tissue surgery, endodontic sterilization, periodontal sterilization, peri-implantitis, low intensity laser therapy, oral ulcer, and teeth whitening. 

Remarkable treatment effect: There is basically no bleeding during operation, maximally minimizing the postoperative swelling, reducing pain of patients, and accelerating the recovery.

Reg $ 5,999   $ 4,029

Complete Accessories:

  • Fiber Optical Tips
  • TMJ Therapy Tip
  • Whitening Tip
  • Biostimulation Tip
  • Laser Protective Glasses

Fear of dentist is a thing of the past with a WoodPecker LX16 Plus Laser by your side.

Greatest Value on the Market.

The patient feels comfortable with the laser and the treatment goes smoothly, without complications.

Large Capacity Battery

11.1 Volts 2600mAh (57.7Wh) Lithium Battery, Which can be Used for one week on a single Charge.

Instructions Manual for LX16 Plus Dental Laser

WoodPecker LX16 Plus Diode Dental Soft Tissue Laser

WoodPecker LX16 Plus Diode Dental Soft Tissue Laser System

The New LX16 Plus Dental Laser has a 5 Inch Full View Captive Touch Panel With Flat UI Design.

The Innovative 450nm Bluw Laser Technology is Ideal for Soft Tissue Cutting, Ablation, Coagulation, and Incision/Excision.

At 450nm The Absorption Constant of Hemogl;obins is Two orders of Magnitude for Ordinary Lasers. Making it only need very low Laser Power To Complete the Treatment, And Thermal Damage during Treatment is Extremely Low.

976nm Is a Traditional Infrared Dental Laser. Due to its Deep Penetration in Tissues. It is Widely Used for the Reduction of Bacteria In Periodontal Disease and Endodontic Treatment.

At the Same time This WaveLenght is also Suitable for High Power Laser Treatment and Pain Reduction in TMJ.

The 650nm Laser is Used for Low Laser Therapy Effects. It is also known as the Photobiomodulation Effect. It will Contribute to Wound Healing. And Biostimulation of Dental Surgery.

High Power

Up to 16Watts Peak Power Laser Output With a Wavelenght of 976nm and Additional 200mW Laser Output With WaveLength of 650nm, And 450nm And 3 watts

Which Covers more than 20 Indicators.

Primary technical parameters For Lx16 Plus Dental Laser

Power adapter input:100-240Vac/50/60Hz 2.5A 

Main unit input:15V 6.0A 

Wavelength and power: 

a)976± 20nm   0.2W-4W(CW), Peak Power 5W

     chopped 1Hz to 20KHz 

     chopped mode:5us – 0.9S 

b)650± 20nm   25mW-200mW(CW)

c)450± 20nm  0.2W-3W(CW)

     chopped 1Hz to 20KHz 

     chopped mode:5us – 0.9S 

Laser classification: 

a) 976 nm: Class 4

b) 650 nm: Class 2

c) 450 nm: Class 4

Aiming beam: 650 ± 20 nm / Pmax<5mW (class 1 ) 

Aiming beam:   650 ± 20 nm /Pmax<5mW 

Divergence:12.7°(According to IEC 60825-1: 2014) 

Rechargeable battery:   11.1V/2600mAh x2 (57.7Wh) 

Time consumption for charging: about 4h (5 hours for first charging) 

Diverging half angle: 0.22 mad/ 12.6 °  

size: 22 cm x 20cm x 23cm 

Weight: 1.5kg

Warranty: 1 Year


WoodPecker LX16 Plus Soft Tissue Dental Laser System