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Midmark M3 UltraFast Automatic Sterilizer and Autoclave

Midmark M3 UltraFast Steam Sterilizer

Midmark M3 UltraFast Automatic Sterilizer

The Midmark M3 UltraFast® Automatic Sterilizer is everything you need in an autoclave. Sterilize unwrapped instruments and handpieces in just 6 minutes and pouched instruments in just over 10, with the touch of a button. The M3 is the simple, intelligent and fast choice for your sterilization needs.


  • One-step loading

  • Push-button cycle selection

  • Automatic-opening door

  • Intelligent features monitor water levels for worry-free operation

  • Dries  instruments  in as quickly as 25 minutes

  • Top fill for convenient access to water reservoir

  • Front reservoir drain with on-board drain tube storage

  • Condensate tank with quick release lid, convenient carrying handle and water level sensor

Midmark M3 Steam Sterilizer In shelves

Midmark M3 UltraFast Automatic Autoclave Tray

When your practice requires instruments and handpieces to
be processed quickly, the M3 delivers. Sterilize unwrapped
instruments in only 6 minutes and pouched instruments in
just over 10 minutes.
You need to feel confident that the sterilizers in your practice
will function efficiently and effectively every day. As with the
entire Midmark sterilizer line, the M3 is designed and built to
last, successfully completing more than 100 specific product
component and full product life tests.
In accordance with CDC guidelines, instruments and packaging
must be dry after a sterilization cycle and prior to handling.
Chamber surface heaters remove moisture during the dry
cycle, allowing the M3 to effectively dry an instrument load
in as quickly as 25 minutes.

The M3 is real convenience. From the simple way you load and
unload the tray to the thoughtful touches like the ergonomic
condensate tank handle and quick-release top, the M3 is
sophisticated technology that is easy to use.
The M3 has integrated technology to inform the operator if
reservoir water is low or if the condensate tank is full...eliminating
the need to continually monitor water levels. Relax...we've got
you covered.
Once one of the three pre-programmed cycles is selected, the
M3 automatically sterilizes without any operator assistance.
At the end of the sterilization cycle, the patented automatic door
opens to begin the drying process. Simply load it, set it and
forget it.

Midmark M3 UltraFast Autoclave Brochure

Midmark M3 UltraClave Automatic Autoclave

Ritter M3 UltraFast Automatic Autoclave

REG $ 6,999    Call For Price


Overall length w/plug: 22" (55.9 cm)
Overall width: 17.8" (45.2 cm)
Overall height: 6.9" (17.5 cm)
Countertop area: 24" (61 cm) D x 22" (55.9 cm) W
Chamber: 12.1" (30.7 cm) L x 7.6" (19.3 cm) W x 1.6" (4.1 cm) H
0.49 gal. (1.8 liters) usable volume
Tray: 11.75" (29.8 cm) L x 7.25" (18.4 cm) W x 1" (2.5 cm) H
Holds the Hu-Friedy® Signa-Stat Cassette (6.5" x 10.5" x 1.25")
Unit weight: 71 lbs. (32.2 kg)
Unit weight with water: 80 lbs. (36.3 kg)
Shipping weight: 80 lbs. (36.3 kg)
Reservoir capacity: 1.2 gal. (4.5 liters)
Electrical Requirements: 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 12 Amp Single Phase
230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 6 Amp Single Phase
Heater Power: 1400 watts
Maximum Power Consumption: 1400 watts
UL Listed to U.S. & Canadian Standards
ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1
Canadian Registration Number available
UL 61010-1, 2nd Edition
IEC 61010-2-040, 1st Edition
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1 2nd Edition
FCC Part 15, Sub-part B
A separate (dedicated) circuit is recommended for this sterilizer.
Installation: Use on a level, water-resistant surface. For proper air circulation, allow a minimum
of 2" (5 cm) clearance on sides and top; 4" (10 cm) clearance behind. Allow proper
clearance for access to the reservoir fill port located on top of the sterilizer. Also,
allow 14" height clearance for condensate tank.