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AMC-25 Dental Mobile Self Contained Delivery Cart Unit

All units are Made to order Non Returnable  2-4 Weeks delivery time

Aseptico AMC-25 Mobile Delivery Cart System

Aseptico AMC-25 Mobile Delivery Cart System

The AMC-25 self-contained mobile delivery Cart system allows any workspace to become a fully-functional dental operatory in a matter of seconds.

The AMC-25 Mobile Dental Cart is a fully self-contained dental cart with a built-in air compressor. Features two high speed and one low speed handpiece connections, along with everything needed for any operation. Carts are built upon order

Mobile Dental Cart
The AMC-25 Mobile Cart is a superior solution for providing general dental care in nursing homes, hospitals, or anywhere a mobile dental unit is needed. Available optional accessories allow for customizing this dental cart to meet your needs, including the ability to add electric handpieces, handpiece illumination, and much more!

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Aseptico AMC-25 Portable Delivery System Features

  • No plumbing required!
  • 2 automatic high speed air handpiece connections (4-hole; non-fiber optic)
  • 1 automatic low speed handpiece connection (4-hole; non-fiber optic)
  • High and low volume suction with automatic overflow protection and solids trap
  • 3-way air/water syringe
  • Quick connect for ultrasonic scaler
  • 2 hospital-grade outlets for accessories
  • Wet/dry foot pedal
  • Sound insulated for quiet operation
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Wet/dry foot control


AMC-25 Aseptico Mobile Delivery Operatory Cart

AMC-25 Aseptico Mobile Delivery Operatory Cart

Your new Aseptico AMC?25 Dental System is the finest mobile dental system available. The system provides an array of standard and optional dental equipment features and functions designed to serve a wide range of dental applications—all conveniently packaged into a single self-contained transportable cart.
This system is engineered to provide many years of reliable service. Please read the instructions provided in this manual to receive the best and longest service from your Aseptico equipment. Separate manuals may be provided to cover the operation and maintenance of other accessories for your unit.

Aseptico AMC-25 Specifications

Dual voltage 110V or 220V
Operating pressure 80 psi
High volume vacuum 7.6 SCFM @ 1.3 in Hg, 5.6 SCFM @ 4 in Hg
Low volume vacuum 2.2 SCFM @ 1.5 in H
Noise Level 65 dBA or less @ 3’4” (1 meter)
Weight 167 lb (75.8 kg)
Dimensions 23.5” W x 30” L x 36.5” H (56.7 x 76.2 x 92.7 cm)

Aseptico AMC-25 Mobile Dental Delivery Operatory Cart

Aseptico AMC-25 Mobile Dental Delivery Operatory Cart Back

What's In The Aseptico AMC-25 Box

  • Self-Contained Mobile Cart
  • HVE and Saliva Ejector Hoses with Valves
  • 3-Way Air/Water Syringe (T-90D)
  • Two 1L Water Supply Bottles (730631)
  • Wet/Dry Foot Control (AA-43)
  • 120V Hospital Grade Power Cord (840101)