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Tuttnauer Medical Dental Autoclaves and Sterilizer Units

Tuttnauer 4th Quarter Rebate

Tuttnauer 1730 ValueKlave Steam Sterilizer

Tuttnauer 2340M Steam Sterilizer

Tuttnauer 2540M Steam Sterilizer

Tuttnauer 2540MK Steam Sterilizer

Valueklave 1730 Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 2,582

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2340M Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 4,531

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2540M Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 5,371

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2540MK Manual Kwiklave Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 5,791

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Tuttnauer EZ9 Autoclave

Tuttnauer EZ10 Dental Autoclave

Tuttnauer EZ10K Medical Autoclave

Tuttnauer 3870M Table Top Sterilizer

EZ9  Automatic Autoclave/Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 5,500

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EZ10 Automatic Autoclave/Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 6,222

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EZ10K Automatic Autoclave/Sterilizer(Tuttnauer)

reg $ 6,580

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3870M Large Capacity Manual Autoclave (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 15,191

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Tuttnauer 3870EA table Top Steam Sterilizer

EZ9Plus Tuttnauer Dental Autoclave

EZ11 Plus Tuttnauer Dental Medical Autoclave

Tuttnauer Elara 11 Class B Steam Autoclave

3870EA Automatic Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 17,240

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EZ9Plus Automatic Autoclave/Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 6,222

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EZ11 Plus Automatic Autoclave (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 7,500

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Tuttnauer Elara 11 Class B Steam Sterilizer

reg $ 9,299

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Comparison and information on various Autoclaves and sterilizers

Table-Top autoclave models Tuttnauer 1730, 2340m, 2540m, 2540mk, 3870m, EZ9, EZ10, EZ10K, 3870EA
Midmark autoclave - M-7 speedclave, M-9 ultraclave and M-11 ultraclave

The autoclave is a table-top device that autoclaves with the pressure controlled automatically. It is especially designed to meet the needs of effective and safe sterilization in all kinds of dental and medical clinics, surgery centers, first aid rooms, veterinarian offices, small laboratories, tattoo parlors, permanent cosmetics and nail salons.
Autoclaves are electrically heated sterilizers of different dimensions, using steam as the sterilizing agent. They are easy to operate. The Operator can choose the required sterilization temperature range 212-273°F (100-134°C)The low temperature range 212-250°F (100-121°C) is designed to meet sterilization requirements when heat-sensitive material is sterilized.

Autoclaves are available either manual or automatic.

Manual tabletop autoclaves are manufactured by Tuttnauer and include the models 1730 ValueKlave, 2340m, 2540m and 3870m.  Midmark makes the M7 Speedclave.

Manual autoclaves require that you manually set the autoclave to the fill position and wait for the water to flow into the chamber. When the water reaches the filled mark in the bottom of the autoclave, you then load the autoclave, shut the door, tighten the bolt and turn the thermostat knob to the desired sterilization temperature. When the sterilization temperature is achieved, you then set the sterilization time period according to the load and need. Proceed to the exhaust and dry cycle. When the pressure gauge reaches 0 turn the main switch to stop. Open the door, remove the load and turn the knob to 0.

Fully automatic autoclaves are also made by Midmark and Tuttnauer. Models include the Midmark M9 and M11 and Tuttnauer’s EZ9 and EZ10.  Pressing a key starts the sterilization process according to the selected program. Water flows automatically into the chamber, heat and sterilization stages commence and the LED indicator lights up. On completion of the sterilization cycle the exhaust stage will automatically begin. Tuttnauer autoclaves will then begin the drying stage (if previously programmed). The drying cycle consist of heated air that blow drys the instruments quickly and efficiently. The Midmark autoclave (depending on the model) opens the door at the end of the cycle allowing the steam to dissipate into the room. All of above mentioned autoclaves have optional printers available.

Another variation are the Tuttnauer Kwiklave autoclaves available in the EZ10K (fully automatic) and 2540MK (manual) autoclave. These machines are made to operate on 220 voltage and are much faster than their 110 voltage counterparts.

Larger autoclaves by include the Tuttnauer 3870m (manual) and Tuttnauer 3870EA (fully automatic). All come with their own stand and operate on 220 voltage. The Tuttnauer units are self contained and do not require direct wiring or special plumbing. They function exactly like their smaller counterparts.

When purchasing an autoclave don't be misled by the actual chamber size. There is more to the puzzle namely take careful note of the size and number of trays the machine will hold. Your capacity will be determined by the tray size and not the chamber size. If autoclaving bottles you will need to know how much height taken up by autoclave rack and tray once positioned inside the autoclave chamber. See our specifications and a comparison charts for Tuttnauer and Midmark Autoclaves

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