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TurboVue™ Illuminated Magnetostrictive Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

 TurboVue Illuminated Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Scaler

TurboVue™ Illuminated Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Dental Scaler

The next evolution in hygiene has emerged.

  • Light-transmitting 30K ultrasonic inserts emit significant light from the handpiece
  • Auto-tuning technology.
  • Compact - doesn't take up valuable counter space.
  • Dramatically expanded low-power range that improves comfort during debridement.
  • Power-boosting Turbo feature for an increase in scaling power when needed
  • External water filter prevents clogs and dripping.
  • Five-year power unit warranty.
Reg $ 1,599  Tips Still Available


TurboVue Ultrasonic Lighted Hygiene Inserts Are still Available

TurboVue™ Lighted LED Ultrasonic Scaler SKU #D570  Sold Out

30KHz Straight Perio Ultrasonic Lighted Insert for TurboVue™ SKU #DLH30P  Sold Out

30KHz Burnett Power-Tip™ Ultrasonic Lighted for TurboVue™  SKU #DLH30T  $ 169.99 - only 1 left 

30KHz Universal Ultrasonic Lighted Insert for TurboVue™ SKU #DLH30U   $ 169.99- Only 7 Left


 TurboVue Illuminated Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Scaler

Introducing the NEW TurboVue™
ultrasonic scaler.

This uniquely engineered device provides excellent
visibility when scaling all areas of the oral cavity.
The TurboVue features a patented light source built
into the handpiece allowing a signifi cant amount
of light to emit through the 30K, light-transmitting
ultrasonic inserts.
Whether it’s the distal of a second maxillary or
mandibular molar, a furcation or a deep lingual
pocket you’re trying to access, the intense light
of the TurboVue will illuminate even the toughest
corners ensuring that you won’t miss anything.
Plus, the light saves on the operator’s eyes. No
more squinting or messing with the overhead lamp
or loupes.
The TurboVue also features auto-tuning
technology, a dramatically expanded low-power
range that improves comfort during debridement,
and a power-boosting Turbo feature for an increase
in scaling power when needed.
The TurboVue Only accepts 30 Khz tips. They can be LED tips or regular Tips.

 TurboVue Illuminated Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Scaler