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Parkell Sensimatic 700SE Electrosurge Unit

Parkell Sensimatic 700SE Electrosurgery Unit

Parkell Sensimatic 700SE Dental Electrosurgery Unit

The Sensimatic 700SE Electrosurge has all the benefits and features of the company’s previous award-winning electrosurges, but in a smaller unit with a more compact footprint!  

The new Sensimatic 700SE Electrosurge is very easy to use. Simply flip the switch, select the operation mode (CUT, CUT/COAG, COAG), power output (10 levels available), and you’re ready to operate. Its low-impedance circuitry adjusts the power level to compensate for tissue depth variations during operation. Coupled with the unit’s stable voltage circuitry, you get superb, constant cutting efficiency—even when penetrating highly vascularized tissue. The Sensimatic Electrosurgery Unit Has a 5-Year power unit warranty

  • Operating Frequency: 1.4-1.7 MHz
  • Maximum Power Output: 50 Watts Rms  (at 400 Ohm Load)
  • Maxium output Voltage: (no load) 290 Volts Rms
  • Complete with 6 popular electrodes. 
  • 10 discrete power settings. 
  • Cut, Cut-Coag and Coag modes. 
  • Soft indifferent plate for patient comfort. 
  • Autoclavable handpiece and tips. 
  • Unique sentry circuit protects against malfunction. 
  • 5-year power-unit warranty. 
  • Certified to IEC, Canadian and European standards.
  • Power Requirements: Line Voltage- 117volts+- 10% Ac 60Hz 2 amps Maximum
  • Fuses- 2.5 Amp 120/230 Volt Type T
  • Size 3 1/4" H x 7 3/4" D x 9 1/4" W (83mm x 197mm x 235mm)
  • Weight 6.1 lbs (2.8 Kilograms)


    Sensimatic 700SE Electrosurgery Instruction Manual

    Sensimatic 700SE Electrosurgery Brochure

    Sensimatic 700SE Electrosurgery Unit By Parkell

    Reg $1,599 Sale $ 1,369


    Parkell spared no expense when it came to making sure the Sensimatic 700SE is safe for both the doctor and patient. It has all of the safety features found in the Sensimatic 600SE, including the unit’s special electronic sentry circuit that protects against electrical malfunction. The sentry circuit compares the electrode output with the control settings—if there’s any discrepancy, it will quickly and safely deactivate the unit.

    The Sensimatic 700SE also features an LED light on the display panel plus an audible tone to let you know when the output is active.

    Six electrodes and an inert, high-temperature Delrin® resin handpiece are included to handle all electrosurgical procedures with precise accuracy and quality tissue healing. Along with the unit’s power and operation mode versatility, the Sensimatic 700SE is fully capable of covering everything from crown and bridge procedures to fulguration.

    Parkell Sensimatic D700SE Electrosurgery Unit SKU: D700SE-110

    Parkell Sensimatic D700SE Electrosurgery Unit SKU: D700SE-110


    Not just the best price. The best chairside e-surgery. Period.


    The SensimaticElectrosugery Unit is 100% solid-state, so there's no vacuum tube to break or burn out, or to keep you waiting while it warms up. It's ready the instant you turn it on. Simply select the current mode (cut, cut/coag or coag) and the proper power, and you're ready to operate. A versatile chairside tool for so many procedures, the Sensimatic Electrosurg is ideal for gingival contouring, frenectomy, reducing edentulous ridges, pulpotomy, gingival retraction and fibroma removal.

    You set the power once for the case at hand. The Sensimatic Electrosurg's special low-impedance circuitry takes over, automatically adjusting the power to compensate for tissue variations at the operative site. Cutting efficiency remains constant throughout the procedure -- even when the electrode penetrates into highly vascularized tissue at the middle of the incision.

    Intended use/indications:

    Model 700SE Electrosugery unit is useful in oral surgery, periodontia, orthodontia, endodontia, prosthodontia,

    operative and crown and bridge procedures.

    From the dozens of uses cited in current literature, we indicate some areas where electrosurgery

    has proven useful in the practice of general dentistry.

    • Lengthen clinical crowns - Salvage “unsalvageable” teeth by creating workable clinical
    • crown length in endodontic, prosthodontic, and operative procedures.
    • Esthetic tissue contouring - Improves smiles by altering gingival levels for a more esthetic appearance.
    • Recontour edentulous ridges - Removal of redundate soft tissue makes impression taking and fitting complete and partial dentures more accurate and comfortable.
    • Removal of hyperplastic and hypertrophic tissue - Ideal around Dilantin hypertrophy.
    • Pericoronitis - Fast, easy removal of pericoronal flaps around third molars.
    • Gingivectomy and gingivaplasty - Makes elimination of periodontal pockets bloodless and easy to do.
    • Frenectomy - Relieves undue muscle tension - often improves esthetics.
    • Delayed eruption - Expose erupting permanent teeth quickly and atraumatically.
    • Biopsy - Controlled incision around suspected lesions in normal tissue easy to do.
    • Implantology - Clean, smooth incisions with control of bleeding for fast bone exposure.
    • Periodontal flaps - Controlled incisions for better healing.For impression taking, to gain access to margins of prepared teeth or to remove interproximal tissue
    • To coagulate bleeding prior to cementation procedures


    Electrosurgical devices are primarily used for soft tissue management. The device operates at a high frequency to cut and coagulate soft tissue. When used with the appropriate electrode, tissue trauma and damage during cutting is reduced.

    • Access to subgingival caries
    • Removal of inflamed marginal tissue prior to cementing crowns
    • Bleeding control
    • Troughing for crown impressions
    • Periocoronal flap excision
    • Recontouring/Tissue biopsies
    • Frenectomy
    • Exposing teeth for orthodontic eruption
    • Crown lengthening

    *Medical specialists in OBGYN, Dermatology and Veterinary medicine all routinely perform surgical procedures using electrosurgery.

    Advantages of Electrosurgery vs. a Diode Laser
    • Thin wire electrodes can be adjusted to meet clinical contour needs
    • The side of the electrode wire can cut in addition to the tip (Only the tip is an active cutting surface for a diode laser)
    • Procedures are completed in a fraction of the time it takes to perform the same procedure with a diode laser
    • A wider, more versatile range of cutting tips
    • Lower initial device cost

    Parkell Sensimatic D700SE Dental / Medical Electrosurgical Unit


    Sensimatic D700SE Dental Medical Electrosurgical Unit

    Monopolar Benefits:
    • Current passes from the electrode, to the soft tissue and through the patient to the indifferent plate (return pad) to complete the circuit
    • Greater versatility and more control
    • Many tips to choose from 

    There are 3 Cutting Modes:

    RF Mode No. 1 – “CUT MODE” (cutting with least coagulation): A filtered, unmodulated current for cutting with the least amount of coagulation. Suited for closed wound surgery where incisions will be sutured.
    RF Mode No. 2 – “CUT/COAG MODE” (cutting with balanced coagulation): A fully rectified, modulated, undamped current for cutting with coagulation when control of bleeding is desired. It is the most widely employed current in dentistry and is suited for cutting procedures where incisions will not be sutured.
    RF Mode No. 3 – “COAG MODE” (full coagulation without cutting): A partially-rectified current for coagulation without cutting. This waveform has been found most effective for precise pin-point surface coagulation with minimal tissue destruction.

    Parkell Sensimatic D700SE Replacement Electrodes and Accessories

    Replacement Electrodes for parkell Sensimatic 700SE Electrosurgery unit

     Electrodes for parkell Sensimatic 700SE Electrosurgery unit

    AP1.5 Troughing Point Electrode  No. S397-AP1.5 $ 25.99

     C03 Hemostasis Ball Electrode No. S397-C03  $ 25.99  

    P04 Proximal Hemostasis Electrode No. S397-P04 $ 25.99
    T02 Scaple Point Electrode No. S397-T02 $ 25.99

    T05 Large Loop Tissue Shaving Electrode No. S397-T05 $ 25.99

    T08 Vertical Loop Electrode No. S397-T08  $ 25.99  

    T16 Horizontal Loop Electrode No. S397-T16 $ 25.99
    New Style Indifferent Plate & Cable For 700SE No. D703 $ 97.99
    New Style Handpiece For Sensomatic 700SE No. D702 $ 109.99
    Old Style Indifferent Plate & Cable No. D601 $ 89.99
    Old Style Handpiece For Sensomatic No. D633 $ 105.99

    Replacement Handpiece and Indifferent Plate for parkell Sensimatic 700SE Electrosurgery unit