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Sendoline S5 Endo Rotary System

Sendoline S5 Endo Rotary System

S5 Endo Rotary System (Sendoline)

The new cordless S5 Endo Motor has been developed for use with the S5 Rotary files system. Using this new system is very safe, simple and efficient due to five pre-set torque settings. Each of the five S5 Rotary files has its own torque settings with functional autoreverse. The S5 Endo Rotary System comes with 2 Package Of files.

reg $ 1,789  Sale $ 1,179

S5 Endo Rotary System  Reg $ 1,789  Sale $ 1,179

Replacement Drive Handpiece For S5 Endo Motor # 1100001 $ 789

Replacment Contra Angle Head For S5 Endo Rotary System # 1100002  $ 349

Replacment Battery For S5 Endo Rotary System # 1100004  $ 89.99

Replacment Charging Station For S5 Endo Rotary System # 1100003  $ 399

S5 Endo Rotary Files Intro Pack Assorted  5 Pcs 28mm # 44280010  $ 69.99

S5 Endo Rotary Files Refill #1 -T8/ISO30 # 44280011  $ 79.99

S5 Endo Rotary Files Refill #2 -T6/ISO30 # 44280012  $ 79.99

S5 Endo Rotary Files Refill #3 -T4/ISO30 # 44280013  $ 79.99

S5 Endo Rotary Files Refill #4 -T4/ISO25 # 44280014  $ 79.99

S5 Endo Rotary Files Refill #5 -T4/ISO20 # 44280015  $ 79.99



Sendoline Endo Micro Motor Rotary Systems

S5 Endo Motor Benefits

•    Cordless for simple and easy treatment
•    Li-IO battery that provided 2,5 h of work, 25 % longer durability
•    contstant rotational speed
•    small head for maximum visibility
•    safe use – minimum risk of file fracture with embedded torque control Simply Perfect Endo!

Sendoline S5 Endodontic Rotary System


1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – five steps to Perfect Endo
The new Rotary System from Sendoline offers a simple and effective solution for the dentist.


  1. Only 5 files and all with the unique S-profile
  2. Shorter shank (13 mm) for better accessibility
  3. Long Progressive flutes to prevent the “screw-in-effect”, and
  4. Enhanced debris transportation
  5. Developed and indented to be used with the S5 Endo Motor
  6. Uses Industry standard Crown Down technique
  7. Works with readily available ISO standardised accessories such as Gutta Percha points and Paper points


File-length: 18 mm och 23 mm
Shank length: 13 mm
Use: root canal treatment

Sendoline S5 Rotary Endodontic Tapered files


Sendoline S5 Rotary Endodontic Tapered files

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