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QuickRay Pro Dental Digital Imaging X-Ray Sensors 

QuickRay Pro Digital Imaging Dental X-Ray Sensors

QuickRay Pro USB Dental Digital Imaging X-Ray Sensors

Unmatched Image Quality, Unbelievable Value
The QuickrayPRO digital x-ray sensor offers the best resolution on the market, backed by a market leading warranty. For high precision diagnosis, patient comfort & reliability choose QuickrayPRO!

Why choose the QuickRayPRO dental sensors?
It is the most compatible of the dental sensors in the market- has a TWAIN included for integration into any imaging software that supports TWAIN devices.
It gives you pristine image clarity at the highest resolution with minimum radiation exposure
Captured X-Ray images are projected directly to the dentist’s viewing screen in just ~3 seconds
The thin, tough and durable polyamide housing is less than 1/4″ and features a CMOS imaging sensor chip, CSI Scintillator, electronic circuits, shielding foils, polyurethane cable and shock absorbers. 
Has a 5 year warranty backed by a 7 year “out of warranty” replacement plan

QuickRay Pro Digital Imaging Brochure

QuickRay Pro USB is a breakthrough in digital X-rays. The embedded electronics are located in the sensor case so there is no interface box! Simply connect the sensor cable via its USB connector to your computer and go! QuickRay USB is currently compatible with these Apteryx based software systems: XVa3, XVLite, Cliniview, Clinitouch, XDR Imaging, MPDX-DMD, Lightyear, DentiMax, ProfSuni, Dr. Suni, Sigma, AFP Digital and Belmont.

The QuickRay Pro sensor gives you the highest resolution and clarity! The thin (less than 1/4″) intraoral sensors include a CMOS image sensor chip, CsI Scintillator, electronic circuits, shielding foils and shock absorbers. Tough polyamide housings have durable replaceable polyurethane cables with ergonomically placed connectors. Their rounded corners and smooth edges optimize patient comfort.


Quick Ray Pro Digital Dental Imaging X-Ray Sensor

QuickRay Pro Digital Dental Imaging Sensors

Imaging Software Options

All QuickRay Pro sensor kits are delivered with a trial version of Apteryx XVLite software.
QuickRay Connect is available for users of Dexis, Schick, Kodak, VixWin or other common products.
QuickRay Mac is available for users of MacPractice or RadioVision.
Warranty Against Defect
We guarantee our sensors against defect during the warranty period, which is 5 Years. Should a problem arise, we’ll overnight a loaner to the customer for a nominal fee while the sensor is tested at the factory. If it’s defective, we’ll replace it with a new sensor.

Now, the real question is: “What are you waiting for?" Order your QuickRayPRO now!  
Contact us now for more information

Each dental sensors kit includes: Flow Uni-Verse-All positioner kit, 500 ct protective sheaths, wall mount holder, and extension cable.

Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensorsQuick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors

Features & Benefits of QuickRay Pro Digital Sensors

CMOS technology with scintillator
2 Sensor Sizes (#1 & #2)
4096 grayscale levels (12-bit image)
Direct USB Connection, no data box, no external power connection
Compatible w/ USB 2.0 and 3.0
Two sensors may be operated at the same time
Image transfer and control via computer system
Cable length is 2m
16-bit uncompressed image file
Well-defined software interface standard or 2×2 binned imaging modes
Intelligent Auto Trigger
Resolution of 35.7 lp/mm
Signal to noise ratio: 40 dB
5 Year Warranty & 7 Year Replacement Plan
Leading Image Quality
Rounded Corners for Patient Comfort
Replaceable sensor cord Yes
QuickView standard software
Supports MAC: Radiovision 6 and MacPractice
Bridges to major softwares: Yes
Recommended Exposure: 65KVP, 0.08msec
Time from exposure to image: ~3-5 seconds
Image Size: 3MB – 5MB
DICOM compliant: Yes

Quick Ray Pro Dental Digital X-Ray Sensors

QuickRay Pro Sensor Size No #1 

reg $ 4,799   Sale $ 3,495


Pro QuickRay Sensor Size No #2 

reg $ 5,199   Sale $ 4,395+ $ 550 Discount


QuickRay Pro Combo System Size #1 & #2 Sensors W/ QuickView Software

reg $ 10,599   Sale $ 8,629


QuickRay Pro Combo System Size #1 & #2 Sensors W/ QuickView Multi Software

reg $ 11,299   Sale $ 9,199


QuickRay Digital Dental Sensors Accessories

Quick Ray Pro Sensor #1 W/ Software $ 4,839

Quick Ray Pro Sensor #2 W/ Software $ 5,199

UNI-VERSE-ALL Positioning System Kit  $ 99.99

QuickRay Sensor Sheaths Size 1 & 2  No. 1502GPS63601 $ 59.99

QuickRay Wall Mount Holder for Size 1 & 2 Sensor  No. 06EBA33600 $ 39.99

Sensor Extension Cord 6 Ft USB 3.0 No. 06MON34501 $ 39.99
8 Ft. Wireguard for Sensor Cables No. 1502FLO64000 $ 59.99

QuickView Base License For QuickRay Sensors Single User No. 04APT85020 $ 1,595

QuickView Additional Station Software For QuickRay Sensors  No. 04APT85021 $ 199
QuickView 5 User License After Base License No. 04APT85022 $ 859


Benefits of Using Dental Sensors
Enhanced Accuracy: Dental sensors produce detailed, high-quality images, enabling dentists to detect dental issues accurately.
Reduced Radiation Exposure: Digital dental sensors significantly reduce radiation exposure compared to traditional film X-rays, prioritizing patient safety.
Instant Image Results: With dental sensors, images are available instantly, making the diagnosing and treating quicker.
Improved Patient Experience: The comfort and speed of dental sensor imaging enhance the overall patient experience during dental visits.
Empowering Dentists for Optimal Care
Video Dental is dedicated to staying at the forefront of dental technology. Integrating dental sensors into our practice empowers dentists to make accurate diagnoses and provide personalized treatment plans. Experience the difference in advanced dental care with our state-of-the-art dental sensors.

Dental sensors have revolutionized dentistry, making achieving precise diagnoses and exceptional patient care more accessible. Our staff of dentists and dentistry professionals is ready to help new and existing patients on their journey to better oral health. Through recent technological advancements and a better understanding of oral hygiene, you could finally have the beautiful smile you dreamed of. Contact our staff today to learn more about how dental sensors can improve your oral hygiene and schedule an appointment.