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QuickRay Dental Digital Imaging X-Ray Sensors 

QuickRay Digital Imaging Dental X-Ray Sensors

QuickRay USB Dental Digital Imaging X-Ray Sensors

Great value QuickRay USB digital X-ray sensors connect directly to USB— no interface box needed!

Today’s modern operatory is going digital. Dental professionals are moving beyond analog film, phosphor plate and digital boxes, and are embracing digital technology that allows direct display of quality x-ray images instantly from the moment they’re captured.

The QuickRay Digital Sensor is the fastest intraoral sensor on the market. For intraoral imaging, state-of-the-art means digital CMOS technology with direct USB 2.0 connectivity. Its greatest advantage is gain in time. X-ray images project directly onto the dentist’s computer screen in just three seconds.

Our sensors are designed and manufactured in Europe and are available in sizes appropriate for children (size 1) or adults (size 2).

QuickRay Digital Imaging Brochure

QuickRay USB is a breakthrough in digital X-rays. The embedded electronics are located in the sensor case so there is no interface box! Simply connect the sensor cable via its USB connector to your computer and go! QuickRay USB is currently compatible with these Apteryx based software systems: XVa3, XVLite, Cliniview, Clinitouch, XDR Imaging, MPDX-DMD, Lightyear, DentiMax, ProfSuni, Dr. Suni, Sigma, AFP Digital and Belmont.

The QuickRay sensor gives you the highest resolution and clarity! The thin (less than 1/4″) intraoral sensors include a CMOS image sensor chip, CsI Scintillator, electronic circuits, shielding foils and shock absorbers. Tough polyamide housings have durable replaceable polyurethane cables with ergonomically placed connectors. Their rounded corners and smooth edges optimize patient comfort.


Quick Ray Digital Dental Imaging X-Ray Sensor

Quick Ray Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors

Imaging Software Options

All QuickRay sensor kits are delivered with a trial version of Apteryx XVLite software.
QuickRay Connect is available for users of Dexis, Schick, Kodak, VixWin or other common products.
QuickRay Mac is available for users of MacPractice or RadioVision.

QuickRay  Mac Plugin required for Mac users
Software code  required. Quickray Twain for integration into Radiovision V4 and MacPractice Digital Radiography Software. One time purchase. Installed on sensor for use on all computers. Cannot be transferred once installed
Warranty Against Defect
We guarantee our sensors against defect during the warranty period, which is 3 Years. Should a problem arise, we’ll overnight a loaner to the customer for a nominal fee while the sensor is tested at the factory. If it’s defective, we’ll replace it with a new sensor.

Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensorsQuick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors


CMOS technology with scintillator
2 Sensor Sizes (#1 & #2)
4096 grayscale levels (12-bit image)
Plug and Play functionality
Two sensors may be operated at the same time
Image transfer and control via computer system
Multi-Length sensor cables available
12 bit image digitalization
16 bit uncompressed image file
Intelligent Auto Trigger
Theoretical Resolution of 26.3lp/mm
Real Resolution of >20.00lp/mm or 0.05mm image detail
Signal to noise ratio: 40 dB
Scintillator: CSI depositing on fiber-less sub-strate
3 Year Warranty & 7 Year Replacement Plan
Rounded Corners for Patient Comfort
Replaceable sensor cord
QuickImage standard software
Supports MAC: With Mac Plug-in
Bridges to major softwares: Yes
Recommended Exposure: 65KVP, 0.08msec
Direct or Indirect: Direct
Sensor Chip Material: CMOS
Sensor Resolution (lp/mm): 26.3
Sensor attachment to base: Direct USB
Time from exposure to image: ~3-5 seconds
Image Size: 3MB – 5MB
DICOM compliant: Yes

Quick Ray Dental Digital X-Ray Sensors

QuickRay Sensor Size #1 No. 02E2V14400

reg $ 4,599   Sale $ 2,995+ $ 100 Discount


QuickRay Sensor Size #2 No. 02E2V14500

reg $ 4,799   Sale $ 3,995+ $ 550 Discount


QuickRay Combo System Size #1 & #2 Sensors W/ QuickView Software

reg $ 9,599   Sale $ 7,289


QuickRay Combo System Size #1 & #2 Sensors W/ QuickView Multi Software

reg $ 9,999   Sale $ 7,999


QuickRay Digital Dental Sensors Accessories

Quick Ray Sensor #1 W/ Software $ 4,190

Quick Ray Sensor #2 W/ Software $ 4,699

UNI?VERSE?ALL Positioning System Kit  $ 99.99

QuickRay Sensor Sheaths Size 1 & 2  No. 1502GPS63601 $ 59.99

QuickRay Wall Mount Holder for Size 1 & 2 Sensor  No. 06EBA33600 $ 39.99

Sensor Extension Cord 6 Ft USB 3.0 No. 06MON34501 $ 39.99
8 Ft. Wireguard for Sensor Cables No. 1502FLO64000 $ 59.99

QuickView Base License For QuickRay Sensors Single User No. 04APT85020 $ 1,595

QuickView Additional Station Software For QuickRay Sensors  No. 04APT85021 $ 199
QuickView 5 User License After Base License No. 04APT85022 $ 859

Discover the Power of Dental Sensors for Enhanced Dental Care
Welcome to our comprehensive guide on dental sensors – the new technology revolutionizing modern dental care. At Video Dental, we provide our patients with the latest dentistry advances, including but not limited to dental sensors. Join us as we discuss everything there is to know about dental sensors, such as benefits, different types available, and how they have helped diagnose and treat our patients.

What Are Dental Sensors?
Dental sensors are cutting-edge devices used in dental imaging to capture high-resolution digital X-ray images. Unlike traditional film-based X-rays, dental sensors use new technology which allows you to take an instant digital image. This process has many more benefits than traditional imaging, such as reducing radiation exposure and enhancing image quality. This new technology has completely changed how dentists diagnose dental problems. Now, they can use these dental sensors to take very clear and detailed pictures of teeth, gums, and the structures that support them.

Types of Dental Sensors
Intraoral Dental Sensors: These small sensors are placed inside the patient's mouth to capture detailed images of individual teeth and specific dental conditions. Intraoral sensors are commonly used to detect cavities, assess root canal treatments, and monitor gum health.

Panoramic Dental Sensors: Think of panoramic sensors as cameras with wide-angle lenses. This allows the sensor to take a digital image of the patient’s mouth. Dentists can use these images to check the overall health of your teeth and find any issues.

Cephalometric Dental Sensors: Cephalometric sensors take a side X-ray digital image of your head, which shows how your teeth, jaw, and face are connected. Orthodontists use cephalometric images to plan for braces and other treatments to fix your teeth properly.

CBCT Dental Sensors: Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) sensors create 3D images of the patient's oral structures. These images are essential for complicated dental treatments, such as dental implant planning and oral surgery.