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QuickRay Digital Imaging X-Ray Sensors 

QuickRay Digital Imaging X-Ray Sensor Systems

QuickRay USB Dental Digital Imaging X-Ray Sensor

Great value QuickRay USB digital X-ray sensors connect directly to USB— no interface box needed!

Are you paying too much for digital X-ray sensors and warranties? Consider QuickRay from Video Dental Concepts! A dental imaging leader and innovator since 1989, VDC has provided over 7,000 dental professionals with the best diagnostic imaging values and personalized support for over 20 years.

QuickRay Digital Imaging Brochure

QuickRay USB is a breakthrough in digital X-rays. The embedded electronics are located in the sensor case so there is no interface box! Simply connect the sensor cable via its USB connector to your computer and go! QuickRay USB is currently compatible with these Apteryx based software systems: XVa3, XVLite, Cliniview, Clinitouch, XDR Imaging, MPDX-DMD, Lightyear, DentiMax, ProfSuni, Dr. Suni, Sigma, AFP Digital and Belmont.

The QuickRay sensor gives you the highest resolution and clarity! The thin (less than 1/4″) intraoral sensors include a CMOS image sensor chip, CsI Scintillator, electronic circuits, shielding foils and shock absorbers. Tough polyamide housings have durable replaceable polyurethane cables with ergonomically placed connectors. Their rounded corners and smooth edges optimize patient comfort.

Quick Ray Digital Imaging X-Ray Sensor

Quick Ray Digital X-Ray Sensors

And QuickRay is the fastest sensor on the market! View X-rays in USB 2.0 High Speed Mode in only 3 seconds. Operate in USB 2.0 Full Speed Mode, if necessary.

Every sensor is covered by the VDC two year warranty with no annual fees. Technical support is available for an additional fee on an annual basis. Optional pro rata warranty is available from VDC after purchase. All VDC products are FDA registered.

Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors Quick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensorsQuick Ray Usb Imaging X-Ray sensors

Quick Ray Digital X-Ray Sensor

Quick Ray Sensor #1W/ Software $ 4,499
Quick Ray Sensor #2W/ Software $ 4,999
QuickRay Combo System Size #1 & #2 Sensors W/ Single Software No. 40-711 $ 8,299
QuickRay Combo System Size #1 & #2 Sensors W/ Multi Software No. 40-712 $ 8,699
QuickRay Additional Sensor Size #1 No. 40-710 $ 3,649
QuickRay Additional Sensor Size #2 No. 40-711 $ 4,249

Quick Ray Positioning System Size #1 Sensor No 40-001 $ 189

Quick Ray Positioning System Size #2 Sensor No. 40-002 $ 189

QuickRay Size # 1 Sensor Covers Pk 500  No. 50-245 $ 69.99

QuickRay Size # 2 Sensor Covers Pk 500  No. 50-246 $ 69.99

Choice Imaging Software For QuickRay Sensors Single User No. VDC0001 $ 799

Choice Imaging Software For QuickRay Sensors Multi User No. VDC0002 $ 1,599
Quick Ray Choice Imaging Software Additional Lic No. VDC 0009 $ 199
Quick Ray Yearly Tech Support No. VDC 00080 $ 699