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Piezo Co-Pilot Piezo Scaler Units

Piezo Co-Pilot Scaler

Piezo Co-Pilot Scaler Unit (VISTA)

The Co-Pilot™ dual reservoir scaling system provides the ideal ultrasonic scaling system by coupling a powerful and versitile piezo scaler with two easy-to-fill reservoir tanks to hold medicaments. And no other scaler allows you to choose between six contemporary colors to compliment your office decor.

The piezo Co-Pilot™ is a beautifully designed and powerful self-contained dual reservoir scaling system. The Co-Pilot™ accepts a wide variety of piezo tips from major manufacturers and can be ordered with either a standard (Acteon*) or metric (EMS*) style handpiece.

reg $ 2,895  $ 2,099

Piezo CoPilot Brochure

Piezo CoPilot Compare Chart



EMS* Style Fits:
Mini Piezon*, Scalex 880*, Bonart*,
SuperSon EIE*, Master 400*,
Parkell (Piezo)*, Dent America*

Satelec Acteon* Style Fits:
Vista P5*, NSK*, ENAC*, Sybron Endo*,
Obtura Spartan*, ADEC*, J.Morita*,
Dentsply/Tulsa*, Amdent*

Your Piezo Co-Pilot Includes :

  • Your choice of Universal (P5 Acteon Style) or Metric (EMS Style) handpiece
  • Two large, easy-to-fill 350ml reservoir tanks with easy-to-see liquid levels.
  • Accepts a wide variety of ultrasonic scaling tips for General Scaling, Periodontal, Endodontic and Apical Surgery applications.
  • Advanced circuitry, touchpad controls, and push-button controlled variable irrigation flow settings.
  • Compact design for improved productivity and portability (needs NO operatory air/water connections).
  • Soft-lit dome and reservoir. Autoclavable handpiece sleeves available in six contemporary colors.
  • System Includes: 1 - Piezo Pilot" ultrasonic scaler unit, 6 - Hygiene Ultrasonic tips (1 x HC, 1 x PTU, 2 x SU1,  2 x SU6) and 4 torque wrenches , 1 - Detachable handpiece (either Universal Acteon* or Metric EMS* thread), 3 - Color-matched autoclavable handpiece sleeves, 1 - Quick-disconnect water line and replaceable in-line water filter, 1 - Omni-directional foot pedal.

Piezo Co-Pilot Piezo Scaler