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Zolar Photon Soft Tissue Dental Laser Units

zolar soft tissue Dental Laser

 Photon Plus 10 Watt Soft Tissue Dental Laser

Zolar Photon Plus 10 Watt Soft Tissue Dental Laser

The PHOTON PLUS 10 Watt immaculate dental laser with 980nm diode versatility and complete portability has built-in tutorials and the best multi-lingual interface.

The large LCD touch screen for ease of navigation and a menu containing several programs that are both pre-set and customizable, makes the new Photon Plus dental diode laser unparalleled. It is perfect for tooth whitening or bleaching without any menace of cross infection.

PHOTON PLUS 10 Watt Dental Laser: Best Features

Multilingual Interface and Portable Power Module
The Photon series of lasers is FDA approved; feature a Multilingual Interface that makes it acceptable to a large number of audiences. The portable power module is also a boon as it can work wireless 3.5-4 hours with battery back-up making usage a whole lot easier.

High Level Security Features
Needless to say, password protected feature provides great security to the users of this product.As a product from a company of great repute, 3 year warranty is a worthy feature. These features provide added benefits to the dentists as these world class products offer superior usability as the top diode laser.

Gentle and Comfortable
PHOTON PLUS 10 Watt Dental laser is designed keeping the customers in mind, so these lasers are extremely gentle and comfortable. This is good for the dentists as well because pleased customers mean more goodwill and more business. Dental laser provide faster healing and no pain than conventional dental procedure.

Touch Interface and Wireless Foot Pedal
Great touch interface and wireless foot pedal advanced features of PHOTON PLUS Laser make it one of the most wanted laser products in the market.

Powerful Applications
The Photon Plus Laser is surgical dental device, intended to use for excision, incision, coagulation, removal of Fibroma, Granulation tissue, Soft Tissue crown lengthening, canker sores, bleaching, tooth decay, discolorations and oral soft tissue dental procedures.

2 Year Limited Warranty

Applications of Zolar Soft Tissue Diode lasers
(Photon Series) Aesthetics & Surgery

• Exposure of unerrupted teeth
• Excision of lesion or removal of Granulation Tissue
• Fibroma removal
• Frenectomy Gingival troughing for crown impressions Gingivoplasty
• Hemostasis and coagulation
• Gingival incision and excision hemostasis
• Implant recovery
• Incision and drainage of abscess
• Leukoplakia
• Operculectomy
• Oral papillectomies
• Pulpotomy as an adjunct to root canal therapy
• Reduction of gingival hypertrophy
• Soft Tissue crown lengthening
• Gingival bleeding index
• Excisional and incisional biopsies
• Treatment of canker sores, herpetic and aphthous ulcers of the oral mucosa Vestibuloplasty

Commonly Known Benefits of Laser Therapy

• Procedures with almost No Blood
• Little to No Tissue Recession
• Gentle and Comfortable
• Improved post operative healing

Photon PLus 10 Watt Soft Tissue Dental Laser

Photon 3 Watt Soft Tissue Dental Laser Brochure

Technical Information

• Wavelength: 980nm
• Weight: < 2 kgs
• Dimensions: 205×130×50 mm


• Manual (Power, Timer, Mode)
• More than 20 Preset Procedures and Multiple Customized Programmes
• 3 levels of aiming beam intensity


• Continuous or Pulse Mode
• Hertz Rate in Pulsed Mode:1-5000Hz
• Duty Cycle: Adjustable
• Pulse Duration: 0.01ms to 9.9s
• Pulse Interval: 0.01ms to 9.9s
• Autoclave: Hand piece autoclavable

Power Requirements

• AC100-240V 50/60Hz
• Lithium battery, 3.7-4.2V 10AH
• Wireless Pedal – 1.5V Battery

Complies with

• IEC 60601-1
• IEC 60601-2-22
• IEC 60825-1
• IEC 60601-1-2
• CAN/CSA C22.2 NO.601.1
• UL 60601-1
• FCC Part 15C
• 1C-RSS 210

Every standard package of 10W Zolar Dental Laser System includes the following:

  • Battery Backup and Large LCD Panel
  • Wireless Foot Pedal (1 qty)
  • 3 nos. safety glasses (CE mark/approved)
  • Hard Carrying Case + International power supply cord and plug
  • Bleaching Handpiece
  • User Manual (Installation and Training) with Clinical Applications DVD
  • Danger/Safety Stickers + Warranty Card
  • Disposable Tips System includes the following:
  • Permanent Hand Piece (1 Qty.)
  • 5 no’s Disposable Tips
  • Model# PP-10W-001-DT
  • SKU# 1010101000

Fiber Cutting System includes the following:

  • Hand Piece for cutting fiber – metal (1 Qty.)
  • Disposable Fiber 400UM (Qty. 1)
  • Striper and Cleaver (1 each)
  • Model# PP-10W-001-FC
  • SKU# 1010102000

 Photon Plus 10 Watt Soft Tissue Dental Laser


reg $ 6,999   Sale $ 5,269

Special Order Parts For Zolar 10 Watt Soft Tissue Laser

Zolar Disposable Tips Multiple Angle, size 400um and 10mm PK of 25 Part No. 7000401010 $ 209

Zolar Disposable Tips Multiple Angle, size 400um and 5mm Pk of 25  Part No. 7000400510 $ 209

Zolar Disposable Tips Multiple Angle, size 300um and 10mm Pk of 25  Part No. 7000301010 $ 209
Zolar Disposable Tips Multiple Angle, size 300um and 5mm Pk of 25 Part No. 7000300510 $ 209

Zolar 400um micron cutting fiber Part No. 7000400020 $ 229

Zolar 300um micron cutting fiber Part No. 7000300020 $ 229
Zolar 200um micron cutting fiber SKU: 7000200020 $ 229
Low Level Laser Therapy handpiece with clinical operational manual for Photon 3-watt only Part # 9000006070 $ 795
Zolar Pain Therapy Laser handpiece for Photon 3-watt and Photon Plus 10-watt SKU:9000006071 $ 795
Permanent Laser Handpiece for Disposable Tips comes with protective caps Part # 9000006010 $ 499
Cutting Fiber Kit 400um Micron, a metal handpiece, a stripper and a cleaver  Part # 6000002020 $ 599
Zolar Bleaching Laser Handpiece for Photon Plus 10-watt only  Part # 6010000010 $ 799

Zolar Cutting Fiber Metal Handpeice  SKU: 9000006030 $ 199

These are Special Order Parts and Are Not Returnable !!! Do not order and then say you Don't need it anymore. That does Not Matter. These Parts Are Final Sale. Once you order from us, we place an order with the manufacturer and we will Not cancel your order. you must wait for it. We have some items in stock and most we have to special order so it will take around 1 to 2 Weeks.