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PF-2 ADM Dry Dental Dual Vacuum Pump

PF-2 Dental Dry Dual Vacuum System

PF-2 Dental Dry Dual Vacuum System (ADM)

ACME DENTAL MFG. utilizes advanced technology. Our PF 1 & 2 dry vacuums provides quiet operation while supplying superior suction. The system is completely self-contained and is ready for installation. Our system can be installed on existing vacuum piping saving thousands of dollars. We use a solid state sensing system to drain the tank when it gets full and drains automatically when system is in shut down.

The PF 1 & 2 Dry Vacuum Systems are simple, no maintenance and a reliable design.

                              • 6-10 Users
                              • 195 lbs.   41"W x 27"D x 21"H
                              • Completely oil-less & water-less operation
                              • Extremely quiet operation 72 dB
                              • Consistant vacuum flow
                              • 8 Gallon Tank
                              • 3 Total H.P.
                              • Environmentally friendly
                              • 230 Volt
                              • 2 Year warranty

                                                            Reg $ 9,599 Call For Price

                                                            Basic Features

                                                            QUIET OPERATION

                                                            SHIPPED COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED

                                                            CYCLONIC SEPARATION OF THE EVACUATED WASTE

                                                            NO NEED FOR A VACUUM TRAP

                                                            NO WATER NEEDED

                                                            NO VEINS OR LUBRICATION

                                                            NON-CORROSIVE TANK

                                                            BUILT FOR ENDURANCE


                                                            NO CONCERN OF NOISE

                                                            VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE

                                                            NO TRAP TO CLEAN LIKE OTHER DRY VACS

                                                            SAVE IN WATER AND SEWER COSTS (NO WATER)

                                                            PF-2 Dental Dry Tankless Dual Vacuum System Brochure