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OZ-Plus 50K Brushless Dental Micro Motor Machine

 OZ-Plus 50K Brushless Dental Micro Motor

OZ-Plus 50K Brushless Dental Micro Motor

Set includes Oz Plus control box. FORTE 100αIII brushless handpiece, speed control foot pedal, motor handpiece stand, one fuse and one wrench. Oz Plus is a compact and high-performance electronic drill system with standard sized brushless motor handpiece

    • Digital display
    • Self-diagnostic Error display
    • Work memory storage
    • Brushless handpiece
    • Strong Durable Motor, Powerful torque at low speeds
    • Wider HP for Larger-Hand Technician
    • RPM : Max 50,000RPM
    • Torque: Max. 7.8
    • Weight: 254g
    • Dimension : 171mm / 29 Φ
    • 1 Year Warranty

reg $ 959    Sale $ 599

Upgrade your dental practice to precision perfection with the OZ-Plus 50K Brushless Dental Micro Motor from Saeshin. This advanced micro motor sets the standard for accuracy, reliability, and performance in dental procedures.

The OZ-Plus 50K features cutting-edge brushless technology, ensuring consistent and efficient operation with a remarkable 50,000 RPM. Experience precise control over rotational speed, making it ideal for a wide range of dental applications.

With its ergonomic design, this micro motor reduces hand fatigue and allows for seamless maneuverability during procedures. The integrated LED lighting illuminates the treatment area, enhancing visibility even in challenging dental cases.

Enhance your dental practice's capabilities and reputation with the OZ-Plus 50K Brushless Dental Micro Motor. Elevate your precision, streamline your procedures, and deliver superior dental care. Choose Saeshin's OZ-Plus 50K for unparalleled performance in every treatment. Invest in excellence today.

 OZ-Plus 50K Brushless Dental Micro Motor