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Nouvag MD-11 Dental Implant Motor Systems

Nouvag MD-11 Fiber Optic Implant Motor Sytem

MD-11 Fiber Optic Surgical Implant Motor System (Nouvag)

The new MD 11 Implant Motor together with its bigger brother, the MD 30, are developed with the intention to put extra smoothness into your hands. The further development of its electronic motor and a sophisticated motor control are key players in this new generation of Nouvag motor systems.

This reflects also the new design with smooth edges for easy cleaning and a display that gives you all the information at a glance. Single function keys with haptic and audible feedback guarantee for accurate device setup.

Inserting and changing of tube sets is carried out effortlessly by a front access push button and tube compartment. The tube bracket swings open and gives good view to the tube seat and the two notches to fix the tube in.

A broad variety of extensions and accessories is provided by Nouvag AG and can anytime be added.

1 Year warranty

Nouvag MD-11 Implant Motor System Brochure


Sophisticated motor control for smooth and precise power delivery in any range of speed.
Motor speed range of 300 – 40,000 rpm.
70 Ncm of maximum torque at the 20:1 Contra Angle with graphical, real time torque control.
Sturdy, high quality architecture and finish.
Integrated pump system for cooling the instrument to prevent of tissue damage.
3 programs for drilling, cutting threads, screwing in the implants and placing the cover screw.
Handpiece 1:1, Contra Angle 20:1, Contra Angle 20:1 LED and Contra Angle 32:1 are available.

Technical Data Implantology Motor System MD 11
Voltage:      100/115/230 Volt at 50 – 60 Hz
Max. output power/motor torque:   120 W/6 Ncm
Speed range, motor:  300 – 40,000 rpm
Max. torque at the instrument: 70 Ncm, 20:1 Contra Angle
Attachment of instruments: ISO 3964 connector (DIN 13940)
Cable length of motor: 2 m
Coolant flow rate: 1 – 100 ml/min
Dimensions, W x D x H: 260/250/110 mm
Weight, control unit: 2,8 kg
Foot control: Vario foot pedal

MD11 Implant Motor System

MD-11 Implant Motor System W/ 32:1 Contra Angle  Reg $ 4,999  $ 2,925 

MD-11 Implant Motor System W/ 20:1 Contra Angle  Reg $ 4,899  $ 3,063 

MD-11 Implant Motor System W/ 20:1 LED Fiber Optic Contra Angle  Reg $ 5,899  $ 3,669 

Dental Implant System Accessories

 nouvag irragation tubing for implant motors

Nouvag Disposable Surgical Irragation Tubing Set for MD-10 (pk of 10) No. 1706 $ 126.99

 Nouvag Carring Suitecase for Md 10 implant Motor

Carrying Suitcase No. 1031 $ 269

3 way valve with support for implant motors 1776


3 Way-Valve W/ Support For MD-10 No. 1776 $ 99.99

y connector for implant motor irragation


Y Connector for implant Handpiece No. 1777 $ 42.99

 nou-clean spray for implant handpieces

Nou-Clean Spray Maintenance for implant Handpieces No. 1984 $ 64.99

 nou clean attachments for handpiecs and implant motors


Nou-Clean Spray Attachment for Implant Motors No. 1942 $ 32.99

Nou-Clean Spray Attachment For Handpieces & Contra Angles No. 1958 $ 27.99

Dental Implant Handpieces & Motors

Nouvag sterilizable surgery handpiece

1710 - Sterilizable Surgery Handpiece
Overall Length 90 mm Direct power transmission 1:1 Includes coolant pipe and quick coupling for tools with 44.5 mm shaft length and 2.35 mm shaft diameter as well as drills with dental shaft
 $ 476  

Nouvag 1970 Mucotom Contra Angle

1970 - Mucotom Contra Angle
Mucotom with INTRA coupling according to ISO 3964 Max. recommended motor RPM: 8'000 Cutting depth: 0.5 mm Cutting width: 6.0 mm 
$ 1,219  

Nouvag Implant Motors

2063 - Electronic Motor 
Has a 2mm Cable 
$ 919  

Contra Angles For Dental Implant Motors

 Nouvag 16:1 implant contra angle

5053 - 20:1 Contra Angle Push Button
The contra angle with 20:1 gear reduction. 
$ 849  

Nouvag 32:1 Contra angle for implant motors

5201 - 32:1 Contra Angle Push Button
The contra angle with 32:1 gear reduction is the standard instrument for the brushless motor systems Micro-Dispenser 2005, MD 10, and MD 20. It meets requirements for drilling in bone, cutting threads, and slowly turning in implants
$ 849  

Micro Saws For Oral Surgery -The three micro-saws with alternating, oscillating or sagittal movement achieve excellent results for bone segment removal and repositioning osteotomy. The bone substance loss is significantly lower than it is for Lindemann routers.

Micro jigSaw For Oral Surgery

5040 – Micro-Jigsaw

Gear reduction 2.9:1 Cut direction alternating with 2.0 mm lift Saw blade thickness 0.4 mm Tooth setting 0.5 mm Motor rotation speed 15'000 RPM Frequency 5'200 $ 1,196 

oscillating micro saw

5090 – Oscillating Micro-Saw

Power transmission 1:1 Saw blade thickness 0.4 mm Angle 25° Maximum motor rotation speed / frequency 15'000 RPM $ 1,196  

Sagittal oral surgery saw

5110 – Sagittal Saw

Power transmission 1:1 Saw blade thickness 0.4 mm Maximum motor rotation speed / frequency 15'000 RPM $ 1,196