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Max Ray Hand-Held Digital X-Ray System

Max Ra Hand-Held Digital X-Ray System

Max Ray DX3000 Hand-Held Digital X-Ray System

MaxRay uses the valuable features of wall-mount units and puts them in the palm of your hand. Our battery technology, quality x-ray tube, and oil-cooled-tube head technology make the MaxRay a no brainier.

Our Battery Technology – The MaxRay features a Long-Life LI Battery, the best battery technology available, taking over 300 x-ray shots on a single battery charge compared to 100 with other systems.

The Quality X-Ray Tube -The MaxRay uses a high-quality, Japanese Toshiba x-ray tube. Compare to lower quality tubes made in China, the Toshiba tube is the industry leader in quality and durability.

Oil-Cooled vs. Air Cooled – Instead of using air-cooled technology, the MaxRay uses oil-cooled tube technology. Just like your traditional wall mount, the oil-cooled tube heads offers faster recovery for more frequent x-ray shots while extending the life of the tube.

1 year warranty

The MaxRay produces significantly
less radiation than wall mount units. Ideal for
instances such as Pedo, Endo or
Oral Surgery when the operator must be in the
room to position the sensor or secure the patient.


Meets all FDA standards for hand-held use.


Mandated by most states. The
permanently attached, extra-long cone protects both
the operator and the patient.


Mandated by most states. Shield
prevents back-scatter to protect the operator.


Prevents X-ray leakage from the machine and tube area.

MaxRay Portable Handheld Dental X-Ray Machine

The MaxRay Dental X-Ray Unit is Lightweight, Portable, Best Handheld Unit.

The best battery technology available. Take over 300 shots on one battery
charge; compare to other systems that only take 100 per charge.


The best quality X-Ray tube available. Same tube as in many wall mount machines.
Compare durability to lower quality tubes made in China.


Just like your wall mount units, the MaxRay features an oil-cooled tube. Oil
cooling provides faster dispursement providing for faster recovery and
longer lasting tubes.


Compared to national brands, our unit costs thousands less!

MaxRay Portable Dental Hand-Held Digital X-Ray Unit

At only 4.4lbs, MaxRay is lighter than the competitors.


Create a full-self-contained digital system with X-Ray, Software, Sensor and Tablet
PC. Take X-rays on the go—anywhere!


Eliminate accidental drops with with our exclusive optional carrying case and strap.
Removes stress off users’ arms for less user fatigue especially when doing FMX.


Forgot to charge the battery? Plug in the optional power adapter directly into the
power plug in and continue to take X-rays.


Make your hand-held into a mobile X-ray with our new rolling
stand with tablet mount.

MaxRay Handheld X-Ray - Technical Specs

Available Colors White or Black
Item Classification 2, Code: A11080.02 (in Korea)
Grade Class ?b (MDD 93/42/EEC as amended by 2007/47/EC)
Classification B Type applied part
Tube Voltage 60kV(fixed)
Tube Current 2mA (fixed)
X-Ray Tube Focal Size 0.8mm
Cooling system Oil cooling
Total filtration 1.5 mm Al
Inherent filtration 0.8mm, fixed added filter :0.7 mm Aluminum)
Target angle 19 ~ 20°
Time Set-up function 0.05 ~ 1.35 sec (Film/Digital included)
Source to image receptor distance >10cm (fixed by cone)
X-ray field 50  (round-style)
Size of main body 139(W) x 163.5(H) x 66.5mm(D)
Weight of body About 1.8 kg (except the battery pack)

FDA 510K# K133007

MaxRay Portable Dental Hand-Held Digital X-Ray Unit

MaxRay Portable Dental Hand-Held Digital X-Ray Unit

Long Lasting Battery

200+ X-Rays. 2 Hour Charge.

The MaxRay has a Long-Life LI Battery, the best battery technology on the market today, taking over 200 x-ray shots on a single battery charge compared to 100 with other systems.

Forget to charge the battery? No sweat. Just plug in the power adapter to the nearest outlet and take continue to taking x-rays.

Ready to go where you go

Lightweight. Portable. Handheld.

At only 4.4lbs the MaxRay is lightweight and ready to move. The camera shape design allows the MaxRay to be held by either one hand or by a carrying strap. Easily finish an FMX in just a few minutes.

MaxRay Portable Dental Hand-Held Digital X-Ray Unit

MaxRay Portable Dental Hand-Held Digital X-Ray Unit

Crystal Clear Images

High Resolution X-Rays

The MaxRay produces sharp, high resolution images with a 0.8mm focal point.
At 60kV the MaxRay generator produces clear images while reducing patient dose.

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MaxRay Digital Hand Held Portable X-Ray Unit

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MaxRay Kit With Sensor and Apteryx Software: MaxRay X-ray Machine, Iridium Rex2 Premium Sensor (Size 1.5), 8" Lenovo Tablet, Aperyx XV Lite, Tablet mounting Kit

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The MaxRay X-Ray Unit comes with :

Includes: MaxRay X-Ray Unit with Internal Battery, Back-up Battery, 2 x Batteries, lead infused Pleaxiglass Shield,  Charger, Charging Pad, Neck Strap, Carrying Bag and Instructions CD Rom. 


MaxRay Neck Strap & Holster # DX-P5020 $ 159

MaxRay Battery   #DX-P565 $ 399

MaxRay 5 Year Extended Warranty Replacement # BXWAR $ 489

MaxRay 8" Mounting Tablet Mounting Kit # DX-P400 $ 399

MaxRay Lead infused Scatter Shield #DX-P505  $ 289
Max Ray Mobile Rolling Stand #DX-P545  $ 1,499
Max Ray Remote Switch With Wire #DX-P555  $ 75
AC Adapter For Direct Connection #DX-P525  $ 329
Max Ray Battery And Charger #DX-P515  $ 439
Operator X-Ray Apron With Holster Strap #DX-P535  $ 299


MaxRay DX3000 Training Manual DownLoadMaxRay DX3000 Training Manual
The training manual for the MaxRay DX-3000.

MaxRay DX3000 Training Exam DownLoad MaxRay DX3000 Training Exam
The training exam for the MaxRay DX-3000.

MaxRay DX3000 Training Exam Key DownLoad MaxRay DX3000 Training Exam Key
The correct answers to the MaxRay training exam.

MaxRay DX3000 User Manual DownLoad MaxRay DX3000 User Manual
The MaxRay User Manual

MaxRay DX3000 Initial Setup Manual DownLoad MaxRay DX3000 Initial Setup Manual
The MaxRay Initial Setup

MaxRay DX3000 Extended Warranty DownLoad MaxRay DX3000 Extended Warranty
The MaxRay DX3000 Extended Warranty Termsp

MaxRay Training Certificate
MaxRay Training Certificate for completion of training