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The Integra Integrated Ultrasonnic Scaling System

Integra Self-Contained Ultrasonic Scaler System by Parkell

Integra Self-Contained Ultrasonic Scaler System(Parkell)

The Integra gives you total control of operating power From the foot pedal. You can adjust the power setting with just your foot. Control panel lights will indicate the power adjustments as you make them. You can also adjust thepower using the touch controls. It Also takes both 25 & 30 Khz tips.    For a turbo boost, step on the power button and you'll get a short-term power boost to remove stubbom accretions, and then lighten the pressure  to resume normal scaling.

Two removable reservoirs give you a choice of irrigants Plus portability. The rate of irrigant delivery is digitally Controlled and powered by the Integra's built-in pump.

reg $ 1,999   Sale $ 1,459

Handpiece Sheath For Integra Ultrasonic Scaler No. D576 $ 54.99


The Integra features an expanded low-power range for patient comfort during subgingival scaling.

Designed for today's infection-control concerns, it features an easy-to-clean waterproofnlembrane control panel, autoclavable handpiece sheaths and a built-in safety tum-off feature.

A full 5-year warranty


Integra Ultrasonic Scaler Face Panel

Integra Self-Contained Ultrasonic Scaler System by Parkell

 No need for a water hook-up or source or compressed air. Simply fill the reservoirs and you're ready to scale. It also can connect to your office water supply if you prefer.

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