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Handler Aero Series Extraoral Dental Suction Unit

Handler Aero Series Extraoral Dental Suction Unit

Handler Aero Series Extraoral Dental Suction Unit, to fight Covid-19

Model 42ESU
Handler’s 42ESU is an extraoral mobile suction systemdesigned to compliment the HVE (High Volume Evacuation) intraoral devices used during patient treatment. The 42ESU dental aerosol vacuum can help capture airborne droplets and aerosols to minimize exposure to harmful agents in the atmosphere.
It features 3 Stage Filtration:
1-HEPA H11 prefilter disposable bag filters 95% of particles down to 0.3 μm
2-HEPA H13 dual pass cartridge filters 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 μm
3-Activated Charcoal filter assists in eliminating odors
• High-power, variable speed vacuum motor rated from 120 CFM to 160 CFM
• 4-1/2″ lightweight hood to capture aerosol
• Foam lined cabinet chamber for quiet operation
• Rigid, flexible, and adjustable 2-1/2″ diameter, 42″ long hose
• Hose is easily removable for cleaning and disinfection
• Casters with rubber non-skid wheel, two casters lock for stability during use
• Foot Control on/off switch included

42ESU Equipment Specifications:
Base Unit 10″ W x 15-1/2″ L x 16″ H
Shipping 28″ W x 21-1/2″ L x 18-1/2″ H
Hose 2-1/2″ diameter x 42″ long
Hood 4-1/2″ diameter
Weight 32 lbs. / Shipping Weight 38 lbs.
One Year Limited Warranty
Made in USA

Construction 18 Gauge Steel with powder coated finish & rubber non-skid casters
Air Volume 120 CFM to 160 CFM
Electrical 811 Watts, 120V/60Hz, 7.2 Amps, 6′ power cord with grounded plug, foot control on/off switch
Sound Level 64 dBA

1 Year Warranty

Most dentist think the HVE sution in the Dental office is safe to extract the virus out of the office. you would be wrong about that !!!!

The Virus is released and spread from the Aerosols that the handpiece and Ultrasonic scalers make when being used on patients. you remember the studies from college about how mercury is aerosoled and put in the air you breath. protect yourself and your staff.

The HVE suction sucks up a small portion of the aerosols with viruses and mercury. but that gets sent down the tube and into a drain that is connected to all of your plumbing in your office, which in turn the air is released back into your office by the drain in the sinks. The Air you Breath !!!

The Dental Field is probably the most dangerous field to be in with the Corona Virus around. we work in the patients mouth and blow the Virus in the aerosols around that we make by drilling or using the Ultrasonic Scaler on them. we probably have the highest likelihood of catching the virus. Don't Risk Your Life over Something So Small. Get a Mobile Extra Oral Aerosol Chairside Suction Unit Today.

Handler Aero Series Extraoral Dental Aerosol Suction Unit



Reg $ 1,299   Sale $ 1,099


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