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External Oral Dental Aerosol Suction Unit

External Oral Dental Suction Vacuum Unit, to fight Covid 19

External Oral Dental Aerosol Suction Vacuum Unit, to fight Covid-19

External Oral Aerosol suction V105 is a mobile dental electric Extral Oral suction machine, which quickly filters spray, aerosols, bacteria, viruses, Including the Corona Virus, and other harmful substances during the treatment, by utilizing the high negative pressure produced by a brushless direct current motor.The unit is extremely portable and quiet while in use.

Scientific studies on amalgam removal have suggested that dentist, staff and their patients can be exposed to higher than normal levels of potentially harmful viruses, bacteria, mercury vapor and other contaminants. Placement and removal of amalgam fillings are common dental procedures that are not always performed safely. The External Oral Aerosol Suction system offers immediate chair-side defense providing a safe worry free environment for your dental office.

Listed below are a few of these contaminants:

  • Bacteria & Viruses from High-Speed Drilling or Ultrasonic Scaling
  • Mercury Vapors from Amalgam Removal
  • BPA particulate from composites
  • Noxious Chemical Disinfectant Odors & VOC Gases
  • Smoke Plume during Dental Laser and Electrosurge Procedures
  • Air Abrasion and Microetching Dust
  • Aerosols From an infected patient with Covid 19

When you go back to work in your Dental Practice you want to be safe from the Corona Virus. This is the system that will protect you and your staff. there is a 4 layer filter system . with a HEPA filter and Carbon filter. then the Extraoral suction system has UVC light to kill all viruses and Bacteria. and last but not least a second layer of virus killing power with the Plasma generating unit. the External Oral Suction unit will even filter out bad smells , such as smoking from a patient or moldy smells. You will find that the air in your dental office is a lot cleaner using the External Oral Aerosol unit.

The last step is through the UVC photo oxygen catalytic sterilization module, which sterilizes and expels it to the outside. Tower-like filters to purify the air.

Base Dimensions:

Width: 16.5"

Height: 20.25"

Depth: 12.20"

Comes With remote control to turn the unit on or off and to turn the force of the fan higher or lower all with a touch of a button.

1 Year Warranty

Most dentist think the HVE sution in the Dental office is safe to extract the virus out of the office. you would be wrong about that !!!!

The Virus is released and spread from the Aerosols that the handpiece and Ultrasonic scalers make when being used on patients. you remember the studies from college about how mercury is aerosoled and put in the air you breath. protect yourself and your staff.

The HVE suction sucks up a small portion of the aerosols with viruses and mercury. but that gets sent down the tube and into a drain that is connected to all of your plumbing in your office, which in turn the air is released back into your office by the drain in the sinks. The Air you Breath !!!

The Dental Field is probably the most dangerous field to be in with the Corona Virus around. we work in the patients mouth and blow the Virus in the aerosols around that we make by drilling or using the Ultrasonic Scaler on them. we probably have the highest likelihood of catching the virus. Don't Risk Your Life over Something So Small. Get a Mobile Extra Oral Aerosol Chairside Suction Unit Today.

External Oral Dental Suction Vacuum Unit Inside View

External Oral Dental Suction Vacuum system

External Oral Dental Suction Unit For Corona Virus Safety

Covid-19 External Oral Dental Suction Vacuum system

The situation of the epidemic has slowed down, oral clinics around the beginning of the resumption of re-work, but because of the special nature of oral treatment, dentists to patients in the course of treatment will produce a large number of droplets and aerosols, which will cause the spread of viruses and bacteria, seriously affecting the health of doctors and patients.

Compare to Beyes DuraMax Extraoral Dental Suction System, PAX2000 Extraoral Dental Suction System, Vivid AeroSafe Dental Aerosol Suction, Vaniman Vanguard Gold Mobile Extraoral Chairside Suction, Vanguard Mobile 2.0 – Extraoral Dental Suction for Aerosols, Univac E100 & V105 Aerosol Suction Unit, ADC V105 Suction Unit, Handler Aero Series Extraoral Suction Unit, and Flight Defender II Aerosol Evacuator with UV Light Unit.


Model- External Oral suction Univac E100
Voltage- 110V/60Hz
Power- 5100 LPM Brushless
Air Flow Rate- 180 CFM
Noise- < 60db
Filtration Effect-0.3um 99.97%
Size-15.75" x 10" x 20"
N.W- 46 lbs
Folding Arm Length- 71.5"
Folding Arm Diameter-2.5"
Filter Layers- 4 Layer + 2 UVC Lamps

RUIWAN RD50 External Oral Dental Aerosol Suction Vacuum Unit



Reg $ 2,599    $ 1,299

Replacement Filters for Gladent GD-V105 Dental Aerosol Suction Unit



14"x 5/8" x 8 1/2"

15-30 DAYS

Sale $ 6.00


14"x 1 15/16" x 8 1/2"

15-30 DAYS

Sale $ 29.00


14"x2"x8 1/2"

15-30 DAYS

Sale $ 39.00



14"x 1 15/16"x 8 1/2"

15-30 DAYS

Sale $ 39.00

Replacement Inlet Cup

Sale $ 19.00