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Engle 2200 Operatory Package

Engle 2200 Over the Patient Delivery Operatory Package

Engle 2200 Package Includes:

Engle 300 Chair (Non-Sling)
Engle 2200 Delivery System (Non-Hidden Umbilical)
Engle 300 Dental Light System

AS-1 Control Head w/ 3 Auto Handpiece Holders
Individual Water Coolant Controls
Asepsis Handpiece Tubing
Wet/Dry Foot Control
Handpiece Flush/Purge System
3-Way Air/Water Syringe
Master On/Off Switch
Flex Arm w/ Air Brake
Adjustable Swivel Tray
Solids Collector
H.V.E. (Note: Photo above is shown w/ optional 2nd H.V.E.- call for pricing)
Saliva Ejector
Bottled Water System
Bottled Or City Water Selector Switch
Large Junction Box w/ Air & Water Master Valve/Filter/Regulator Assemblies
Chair Mounted Touchpad (Specify Side)
Utility Center w/ Quick Connect Water Auxiliary
Telescopic Assistant’s Arm w/ 4-Position Holder Bar
5′ Long Umbilical
Assistant’s 3-Way Syringe

5 year Warranty

reg $ 12,876

  On Sale

Engle 2200 Patient Operatory Package Brochure

Engle 2200 Chair Upholstery Colors

Engle 2200 Over the Patient Delivery Operatory Package


Minus Light - $  1990
Add Doctor & Assistant Stools $ 1,199
Add Additional Touch Pad Left or Right Side Of Chair $ 425
Add Assistant's 3-Way Air/Water Syringe  $ 159
Add Upgrade To Ultraleather $ 1,100 to $ 1,250


Engle 300 Wide Back Traverse Chair

What is Traverse?
Engle Dental is the only company that makes the fully programmable, 10″ forward/backward hydraulic Traverse Chair™. The traverse feature allows dentists to position themselves behind the patient comfortably without sacrificing space. Since the seat moves forward as the back of the chair reclines, the dentist can stay put and let the chair position itself seamlessly.

  • Zero Clearance Design
  • Ergonomic Integrity
  • More Room for Rear Delivery
  • Optimized for Smaller Operatories


Peace of Mind
Engle provides a warranty that far exceeds industry standards, with 5 years on all electronic components, and 5 years on material and workmanship. Manufactured, assembled and serviced in America, the Engle Traverse Chair gives you outstanding quality and craftsmanship, backed by an exceptional warranty.

Precise Motion
Engle chairs employ advanced hydraulic controls, providing smooth motion while optimizing patient comfort. Programmable positions make quick adjustment easy, while the doctor has full range of motion via a simple remote control.

Small Spaces
The Traverse Chair is unique in its ability to fit even the smallest areas, including tight operatories, where space is at a premium, while still maintaining full ergonomic integrity.

Engle Chair Upholstery Stitching