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Nouvag Contra Angles For Dental Implant Motors

 Nouvag 5060 16:1 implant contra angle

5053 - Nouvag 20:1 Contra Angle Push Button
The contra angle with 20:1 gear reduction. 
$ 849  

Nouvag 32:1 Contra angle for implant motors

5201 - Nouvag 32:1 Contra Angle Push Button
The contra angle with 32:1 gear reduction is the standard instrument for the brushless motor systems Micro-Dispenser 2005, MD 10, and MD 20. It meets requirements for drilling in bone, cutting threads, and slowly turning in implants
$ 849  

Nouvag 5052 Fiber Optic - 20:1 Dental Implant Contra Angle Push Button

5052- Nouvag 20:1 Fiber Optic Contra Angle

Nouvag 5052 Fiber Optic - 20:1 Dental Implant Contra Angle Push Button $ 1,749  

Nouvag 1970 Mucotom Contra Angle

1970 - Nouvag Mucotom Contra Angle
Mucotom with INTRA coupling according to ISO 3964 Max. recommended motor RPM: 8'000 Cutting depth: 0.5 mm Cutting width: 6.0 mm 
$ 1,329  

Nouvag 1710 sterilizable surgery handpiece

1710 - Nouvag Sterilizable Surgery Handpiece
Overall Length 90 mm Direct power transmission 1:1 Includes coolant pipe and quick coupling for tools with 44.5 mm shaft length and 2.35 mm shaft diameter as well as drills with dental shaft
  $ 496