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Constellation Dental Dental Delivery Unit

Constellation Dental Delivery Unit

Westar Constellation Dental Delivery Unit With out Cuspidor


Delivery Unit Includes:

-Westar Model 6010 Delivery Unit With Doctor And assistant's Side.

-3 Way Syringe

-Arm W Brake And "S" Connection

-Stainless Steel Tray And Anti-Skid Pad

-Large Contoured Junction Box W Regulators and Master Shut off

-Foot Control

-Purge System

-Telescoping Arm

-HVE, Saliva Ejector

-Self Contained Water System (bottle only )

-Water Quick Disconnect on Utility Center


 5 Year Warranty

Retail $ 4,300

   Sale $ 2,550

Constellation Dental Delivery Unit Brochure


Many Factory Options Available

Additional Handpiece Control Station
Wet/Dry Foot Control in Lieu of Standard
Swivel Instrument Tray Holder
Touchpad for Chair function
Additional 3 Way Syringe
Euro Style Delivery Head


Westar Dental Delivery Constellation Package

Westar Constellation Dental Delivery System

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