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Clio Dental Digital X-Ray Sensor System 

Clio Digital X-Ray Sensor System

Clio Dental Digital X-Ray Sensors (Sota)

The Clio Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors have Next Generation CMOS technology, fiber optic sensors create 20+ actual line pairs per mm (26.3 theoretical
line pairs per mm).

With our Cliosoft Imaging Software, we can gaurantee our Clio Digital Dental X-Ray images match up or surpass any competing system. We make this promise based on feedback from actual dentists.

Rounded edges allow for maximum patient comfort.

Ideal intraoral sensor width and thinness in two sizes for pedo and adult. 5-Year Limited Warranty 

The Clio Digital X-ray Sensor is constructed with special shock absorbers inside the sensor housing to protect components from exterior damage.

One of the few fully water submersible sensors, the Clio Digital Dental Sensor is equipped with a unique sealed rubber polymer interior housing.

Unlike other products, the USB wire of the Clio X-Ray Sensor is fully replacable if damaged. Rest assured with SOTA.

clio Digital Dental X-Ray Sensor System

Clio Digital X-Ray Sensor System


The Clio Digital X-ray Sensors are designed and manufactured in the world’s leading facility of CCD and CMOS technology for guaranteed highest-grade imaging. These dental sensors have all the features and benefits that ensure a highly reliable product and deliver the best images in the industry. The resolution of our Clio sensors is marginally higher than some of the leading brands, including Dexis. Our innovative x-ray sensor technology allows you to get some of the best images at a considerably lower cost! But don’t believe us – have a look yourself.

Clio Dental X-Ray Sensor Features:

• All New Direct Integration Technology
• Thin sensor hardware with rounded corners for maximum comfort
• Direct USB cable with no docking station
• Repairable USB cable for longevity of sensors
• Fiber optic plate sensors for low-noise ratio
• Largest active area for maximum coverage
• Fully waterproof sensor head with sealed cable and housing design
• USB connector: USB 2.0, USB 3.0
• Sensor Technology - Next Generation CMOS Fiber optic Sensors
• Maximum Gray Levels - 4096 (12-bit)

Clio Digital X-Ray Sensor System

Clio DI Digital X-ray Sensors feature patent-pending technology that provides seamless integration of Clio Digital X-ray sensors into popular imaging software unlike ever before.

Until now, integration of 3rd party sensors into popular imaging software was impossible or required complicated bridging.

Patent-pending Clio DI Technology cuts the hassle out of integration with:

• Ability to replace or add sensors at a fraction of the cost.
• No complicated TWAIN or 3rd party bridging
• Use full capabilities of your existing software including auto-acquisition
• Free 5-year limited warranty
• Unique ability to work side-by-side Dexis sensors in Dexis Imaging 9/10
• the most versatile, open-architecture for hassle-free integration
• Free Clio DI hardware tech support
• No annual fees

Clio Digital X-Ray Sensor System

Clio Digital X-ray Sensors

Size 1 Sensor Size 2 Sensor
External Dimensions 24.35 x 36.73 mm 30.49 x 42.80 mm
Active Area 19.95 mm x 30.02 mm 25.99mm x 36.02 mm
Sensor Plate Thickness 5.41 mm 5.41 mm
Sensor Cable Length 3 meters 3 meters
Image Resolution 26.3 lp/mm theoretical 20 lp/mm actual 26.3 lp/mm theoretical 20 lp/mm actual
Image Size 1580 x 1050 pixels 1896x1368
Image Pixel Size 19x19 microns 19x19 microns

Clio Digital X-Ray Sensor Size #1 W/ Software

reg $ 6,999   $ 5,497

Clio Digital X-Ray Sensor Size #2 W/ Software

reg $ 7,299   $ 6,599

Clio Digital X-Ray Sensor Package Size #1 & #2 W/ Software

reg $ 11,299   $ 10,199

Replacement Clio X-Ray Sensor # 1 $ 4,549

Replacement Clio X-Ray Sensor # 2  $ 5,497