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Claris i4D Intra Oral Dental Camera

Claris i4D Dental Intraoral Camera

Claris i4D Intra Oral Dental Camera

      The Claris i4D’s unique optic technology allows for the highest image fidelity. With a SONY® CCD Sensor, you can count on sharp, accurate images. Made in the USA, the Claris i4D is in a class of its own. Be assured of top quality parts expertly engineered. 2-year manufacturer warranty, including parts and labor.

      Dr Quick Look SD Plus Dental Camera System

      reg $ 3,799   Discontinued

      Claris i4D Replacement Camera Cradle # A00045 $ 76.99 

      Claris i4D Replacement Universal Handpiece Holder # A10079 $ 104.99 

      Claris i4D Replacement USB Connector Assembly 7 Ft # A00067 $ 119.99 

      Claris i4D Replacement USB Foot Controler # A00070 $ 189.99 

      Claris i4D Replacement Sheaths pk 500 # X00078 $ 199.99 

      Claris i4D Replacement Cable Holder # X00082 $ 19.99 

      ClioSoft Imaging Network License # A10086 $ 429.99 

      Generic Intraoral Camera Sheaths pk 500 # 19206 $ 37.99 

      Claris i4D 2 Year No Fault Warranty # X0018 $ 469.99 

      The award winning Claris i4D Dental Intraoral Camera is the highest quality intraoral camera in the dental market. Designed and manufactured in Southern California by SOTA Imaging, the Claris i4D boasts a unique high end lens, hand control focus, and compatibility with almost all dental imaging softwares.

      • Precision optics with focal range of 1 mm-infinity for macro to full facial shots
      • Precision controlled sliding focus
      • 8 white LED lights
      • Light ON/OFF capability
      • Ergonomic hand-piece that weighs only 2.4 oz
      • Silicon capture button for image stability
      • Integrates seamlessly with almost all dental imaging software.
      • Secure Monster® USB cable connection

      Claris i4D Dental Intraoral Camera

      Claris i4D Dental Intraoral Camera

      • Imager – Sony Super HAD Color 1/4”
      • Resolution – 720 X 480 Pixels
      • Frame Rate – 30 Fps Max.
      • Software Interface – WDM
      • Data Format – YUV 4:2:2. ITU-R 656
      • Field of View – 60 Degrees
      • Focus Range – 1mm-infinity
      • Focus Type – Variable Focus
      • Light Source – 8 White LEDs
      • Signal to Noise Ratio – 51 Db
      • Video Output – USB 2.0 Digital
      • Power Requirements – 5v Dc, Powered By USB Port
      • Weight – 2.4 Oz
      • Dimensions – 8.3(L) X 0.85(W) X 1.15(H) Inches

        Claris i4D Intra Oral Camera Compatibility:

        • Cliosoft, Dentrix, Dexis, Eaglesoft, Kodak, Apteryx, VixWin, Patient Gallery,TigerView, Suni, Sidexis, XDR, Practice Works, SoftDent, MOGO, Instrumentarium, Image FX, EVA, Easy Dental, Imaging Adstra, XV3 The Claris i4D integrates with most all imaging and practice software currently on the market.

        Claris i4D Dental Intraoral Camera

        Claris i4D Dental Intraoral Camera

        Every Claris i4D intraoral camera comes with:

        2-year Manufacturer Warranty, including parts and labor
        • 7 ft. Monster® USB Cable with latch connector
        • Sample pack 50 ea. Sheaths
        • Cable Holder
        • Cradle
        • User Guide
        • Driver CD
        • Remote log-in tech support

          Claris i4D Dental Intraoral Camera Brochure

          Claris i4D Intraoral Camera Installation Guide

          Claris i4D Intra Oral Dental Camera Sample Pics