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Biscayne E.L. Hygiene Dental Package

Biscayne E.L. Hygiene Operatory Package (SDS)

Package Features:
Biscayne E.L Chair
1335 Light w/ Biscayne E.L. Post
1402 2HP Automatic Delivery Unit
1615E Assistant’s Arm w/ SE & HVE
Standard Doctor’s Stool

Retail $ 7,760   Call For Lowest Price

SDS Biscayne Hygiene Package Brochure

Summit Dental Systems Upholstery Colors

Biscayne E.L. Dental Hygiene Operatory Package


Add Cuspidor  $ 579
Add Assistant Stools $ 339


Biscayne Dental Chair Standard Features:
• All steel base & backrest assembly
• Powder-coated baked finish
• Electro-Mechanical base & back
• Automatic Return
• 1 programmable pre-position
• Foot control
• 1 Outward Rotating Armrestarmrests
• Double articulating headrest

1615E Assistant Instrumentation Features:
Telescoping Arm

The 1615E Telescoping Assistant's Arm offers superior construction and features a breakaway assembly to prevent accidental damage. For the doctor looking to add a simple vacuum package to the operatory, the 1615E is the perfect fit.

1402 Delivery System Features:
Over the Patient
2 Handpieces (1 wet / 1 dry)
3-way Syringe

The 1402 Dental Delivery Unit is the perfect fit for any operator looking for a simple, reliable 2HP unit for hygiene or general dentistry use. With a functional design and easy-to-use interface, the 1402 delivery unit brings dependability to any practice.

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