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  Genoray Port-X II / Zen-PX2 Dental Handheld X-Ray Unit

Genoray Port-X II / Zen-Px2 Handheld Dental X-Ray Unit

  Genoray Port-X II / Zen-PX2 Handheld X-Ray Unit

The Genoray Port-X II generates and controls X-Ray to acquire teeth and jaw images.
It generates X-Ray from high voltage electricity into the X-Ray tube, which penetrates teeth and jaw, and makes X-Ray images on receptor. (film or Digital Sensor).

- Light weight enables the ultimate mobility.
- Small dose of radiation keeps patients and dentists safer.
- High performance tube and HFG make sharp and clear images.
- Use with digital sensor as well as chemical

Genoray Zen-Px2 Handheld Dental X-Ray Unit

Reg $5,299

Sale $ 2,799

Steady Seller
With excellent quality and economy, ZEN-PX2 has been loved steadily by our customers since its launch.

The Port-X II or Zen-PX2 is a portable x-ray generator. Perfect for the practitioner on the go! The Zen-PX2 is light weight and very compact. Ideal for cramped dental operatories, or operatories with multiple tables for faster acquisition of x-rays. LCD screen at the top of unit allows for quick changes in exposure. The Port-X II will take 100 x-rays when fully charged!

Genoray Zen-PX2 Handheld Dental X-Ray Unit

Zen-Px2 Handheld Dental X-Ray Unit

Exposure rate is automatically set and set values can be easily changed manually. 

Optimized grip with non-slip silicon grip and handle. Comes with shoulder strap. 
Comes with free fda approved long cone And Optional scatter shield.

Tube voltage:  60kV 
Tube current:  2mA 
X-ray Tube:  Anode Type  Stationary 
Anode Angle:  20Æ  
Focal Spot:  0.8mm  
Heat Capacity:  8.5KHU  
Exposure Time Set:  0.01~1.6Sec (0.01 Sec.) 
Total Filtration:  2mm AI  SSD  110mm  
Dimension: 135(W) X150(D) X175(H)mm 
Weight: 4 lbs (Total weight) 
Power Requirement 
Battery:  DC24V 
Battery Charger: AC110v

Genoray Port-X II / Zen-Px2 Handheld Dental X-Ray Unit

Genoray Port-X II / Zen-Px2 Handheld Dental X-Ray Unit


Zen PX2 Replacement Battery   #ZENB $ 629

Zen PX2 Back Scatter Shield   #ZENSS $ 199