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XZeal Z70 Dental Intra Oral X-Ray Unit

XZeal Z70 Dental Intra Oral X-Ray Unit

XZeal Z70 Dental Intra Oral X-Ray Unit


The XZeal Z70 Dental X-Ray Unit Has Adjustable Exposure times from 0.06 to 2.50 seconds. Digital display of exposure time. The Z70 is equipped with anatomic programs and automatic setting of the exposure parameters: tooth choice ( bite-wing, uppermolars, pre-molars, incisors/ canine) Two patient sizes, automatic time reduction for digital sensor. Also possibility of manual setting of the parameters.

Built with resistant materials, Z70 Dental X-Ray Unit possesses incisors arms with soft movement’s, accurate and that provide easy positioning to take radiographs.

The electronic controller with microprocessor, it has pre-programmed keys that facilitate the daily operation of the equipment. The times of exhibition has a strict control for obtaining of a better result of the operation.

With capacity of 70 kVp and 7 MA, the X-Ray head has lead covering. It offers radiographic performance with images of excellent contrast and hi definition.

2 Year Warranty


Technical Data

Power Input(VAC)      120 or 203 VAC

Nominal Current          9A - 4.5A

Mains Frequency         50/60 Hz

Maximum power          900 Watts

Tube Voltage              70 Kvp (+- 5KV)

Tube Current              7 mA

Total Filtration             2.5 mm Al/Equiv

Focal Spot                  0.8 mm x 0.8 mm

Exposure Time             0.06 to 2.50 s

Working Cycle              1s / 60s

Focus- SSD                 200mm

Radiation Field             60 mm

Leak Radiation            <7 mR/h @ 1m

XZeal Z70 Dental Intra Oral X-Ray Unit Head

XZeal Z70 Dental Intra Oral X-Ray Unit Hand Held Remote Control


The Z70 offers radiographic performance with images with excellent contrast and hi definition and is compatible with film, PSP plate systems, and Dental Sensors. 

Built with light, strong, and resilient materials, the Z70 unit offers an arm with a very tight and accurate counter balance, which not only prevents drifting, but also allows for soft movements and precision that provides easy positioning to take radiographies. 

The Z70 provides clear radiographs with reduced exposure times, and provides the highest degree of safety for both operator and patient, complying with international quality and radiological safety standards.

With capacity of 70 kVp and 7 mA, the X-Ray head has lead covering. Made with tubular steel and a strong aluminum structure.

The Z70 Wall model can be mounted on the wall with 16" double studs (optional plate) or a single 4"x4" stud. It is also ready for a push button installation.

XZeal Z70 Dental Intra Oral Mobile X-Ray Unit

XZeal Z70 Dental Intra Oral Wall Mounted X-Ray Unit

reg $ 4,999   Discontinued