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Turbo Smart Dry Dental Vacuum Pump

Turbo Smart Dental Dry Vacuum Pump by Cattani

Cattani Turbo Smart Dry Dental Vacuum Pump


Turbo-Smart can be instaled in parallel without peripheral units and without stater. Vacuum can be adjested according to the dentist's requirments.

Turbo Smart reacts automatically to any functional problem or to any hazard to the machine's integrity.  It performs like a small and large machine at the same time:  small when it is used by one or two operators, and large when it is upgraded to fit an and even reduces its heat output when the demand for the suction is low.  

In the event of a functional problem, the auto-protection feature electronically adjusts the unit's operation, resolving the problem without damaging the machine.  The suction unit informs the operator of:  current absorption, machine temperature, maintenance, vacuum head, condenser's capacity, room temperature, amalgam level, and running hours.

Reg $ 4,295   Call For Price

Turbo Smart Dental Vacuum Pump Brochure

Turbo Smart Specs:

Output power 1.22 kW – 7 A
Maximum operating head for continuous service 2000 mm H2O.
Maximum ?ow 1400 l/min.
Suggested for 1-5 surgeries.
Sound pressure level with canalized air 69.6 dB (A).
Version with box 67.3 dB (A) .
W= 16 Inches  D= 14"  H= 26"
Net Weight= 79 Lbs  Gross Weight= 99 Lbs

Output power 1.5 kW – 9A
Maximum operating head for continuous service 2000 mm H2O.
Maximum Low 1700 l/min.
Suggested for 3/4 surgeries.
Sound pressure level with canalized air 69,6 dB (A), version with box 68.5 dB (A).

Turbo Smart Dental Dry Vacuum Pump

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