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TCM Endo III Endodontic Rotary System By Nouvag

TCM Endo III Endodontic Rotary System By Nouvag

Nouvag TCM Endo III Endodontic Rotary System

When the file reaches the preselected torque level set, the motor will reverse for two revolutions, then return to the forward direction to finish root canal preparation. The TCM Endo III Endodontic Rotray System reduces the time, stress and fatigue of the root-canal preparation for the dentist and the patient. Keyboard-Panel with Digital-Readout.  Preselectionable torque levels  2 - 50nmm 

Also Sybron TCM Endo III
Universal Device for Root Canal Preparation

The torque-controlled motor system is suitable for all nickel-titanium files and allows user-friendly and effective treatment of the patient.

The electronics are adjusted to the use of standard handpieces.

The RPM ranges are as follows:
Power transmission 1:1 - 1'200 to 16'000 RPM
Gear reduction 8:1 - 150 to 2'000 RPM
Gear reduction 16:1 - 75 to 1'000 RPM

reg $ 1,999   Parts Available

TCM Endo III Endodontic Rotary system Brochure

Contra Angles & handpieces For Endo Motor Systems

Nouvag 8:1 endodontic contra angle 5057

5057 - Apex Contra Angle Gear reduction 8:1, small head   $ 779  

Nouvag Endo Motors 1823

1823 -  Endo-Micromotor 31-SE, 2 m cable, sterilizable

16,000rpm for Tcm Endo III & IV  $ 879 

Nouvag Endo motor System Accessories

on/off foot pedal for TCM endo Motor systems


ON/OFF Foot Pedal For TCM Endo III -Item No. 1488 $ 159

 Nouvag Carring Suitecase for TCM Endo Motors 1078

Carrying Suitcase For Tcm Endo Motors Item No. 1078 $ 149.99

 nou-clean spray for implant handpieces & TCM Endo Motors

Spraynet Cleaning Spray, 500ml with E-type nozzle for implant Handpieces No. 2127 $ 89.99

Lubrifluid Spray, 500ml with E-type nozzle for implant Handpieces No. 2128 $ 89.99

Vector Premium Handpiece Lubricant, 500ml (no nozzle) for implant Handpieces No. VLS $ 59.99

 nou clean attachments for handpiecs and Endo motors


Nou-Clean Spray Attachment for Endo Motors Item No. 1942 $ 69.99

Nou-Clean Spray Attachment For Handpieces & Contra Angles Item No. 1958 $ 56.99