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Scalex 850 Self-Contained Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

Scalex 850 Ultrasonic Scaler

Scalex 850 Self-Contained Ultrasonic Scaler (DENTAMERICA)

Scalex™ 850 offers self-contained solution tank for total portability, adding therapeutic medicaments

The Scalex 850 Self-Contained Ultrasonic Scaler has all the cleaning power you need with performance guaranteed for one full year. Self-contained solution tank allows for convenient portability and the addition of medicated solutions to scaler therapy. Automatic tuning activates inserts in a magnetostrictive cleaning pattern for feather-touch removal of calculus and stains under all loading conditions—no power loss under pressure.

Each system includes base unit with graduated 1000ml self-contained solution tank, handpiece with extra-long 7 ft. cord and one 30kHz insert. 110V. One year manufacturer’s warranty.



reg $ 1,099 Discontinued

Scalex 850 Self contained Ultrasonic Scaler Brochure

  • Large power and water flow dials allow for precise control with gloved hands.
  • One-touch selection between tank and external water source (if connected).
  • Innovative water-cooled circuitry provides for stable operation.
  • Streamlined, compact size with slim lightweight scaler handpiece.
  • Compatible with all 30kHz magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler inserts.

Replacement Solution Tank For Scalex 850 & 890    $ 59.99

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