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Scalex 980 Brite Dental Led Piezo Scaler With Lighted Handpiece

Scalex 980 Brite Piezo Scaler With Led Handpiece

Dentamerica Scalex 980 Brite Dental Piezo Scaler With Led Handpiece

    1. Autoclavable Handpiece With Led Light Technology .
    2. Futuristic touch sensitive panel technology.
    3. Built In Led Allows For Direct Illumination Of Oral Cavity.
    4. State-of-the-art piezoelectric technology is self-tuning and load-adjusting for smooth and effortless operation. 
    5. Advanced water-cooled circuitry designed for greater stability during operation.
    6. Wide selection of high quality tips to correspond with specific clinical applications.
    7. Comes With 3 Free Tips

      Reg $ 1,299   $ 799



      Specifications: 100~240V 50/60 Hz 0.8A
      Dimensions: W221 x D142 x H43 mm
      Weight: 620 g
      Accessories: Control unit- Piezo handpiece-3 x Universal scaler tips-Torque-limiting tip wrench-Water connector-Water hose

      Scalex 980 Brite Piezo Scaler With Led Handpiece

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