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Rotex 780 Micro Motor By Dentamerica

Rotex 780 Electric Dental Laboratory Micro motor

Rotex 780 Micro Motor  (Dentamerica)

*Application for grinding, polishing, milling of precious metals, ceramics, acrylics, and steel.*Ball bearing high torque electric motor. *3,500 to 35,000 R.P.M. variable speed.*Double insulation heavy duty construction. *Automatic cooling fan for continuous high speed performance.*Forward/Reverse switch. *Standard package includes Foot Switch, Handpiece, and Handpiece Rest.*1 year warranty

reg $ 433 Discontinued

Rotex 780 Micro Motor Brochure



 Rotex 780 Handpiece & Cable For 780 & 782

Rotex Compatible Replacement Handpiece & Cable for 780 & 782 (part # 773)   $ 289.99

Rotex 780 & 782 OEM replacement carbon brushes set of 2 (PART # 772) $ 19.99

 Rotex 780 on/off foot pedal control

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