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ProQuest I Portable Dental Delivery Unit
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ProQuest I portable dental delivery system

ProQuest I portable dental delivery system

Portable Delivery Systems-ProQuest I (DNTLworks)


    • Complete electric highspeed handpiece with water and speed adjustments

  • Powerful, quiet vacuum pump with dual hoses for HVE and saliva ejector
  • Integrated, non-retracting water source with air/water syringe for irrigating and drying
  • Efficient mini-compressor for air/water syringe use
  • Large waste container with automatic overflow shutoff
  • Compact, one-piece design
  • Electric highspeed handpiece with water and speed adjustments
  • Top-mounted control box for all unit functions
  • Non-retracting water source with air/water syringe
  • Impact-resistant case with built-in wheels and retractable handle
  • Powerful vacuum pump with dual hose design accommodates many brands of HVE and saliva ejector tips
  • Handpiece fiber optics are standard in ProQuest II
  • Hospital grade wiring with 15 amp circuit breaker protection
  • Attached, ergonomic carrying handle
  • Efficient mini-compressor for air/water syringe use
  • Easy access through side door
  • Optional light curing unit, and piezo-electric scaler

Reg $ 8,399   Discontinued

ProQuest I portable dental delivery system Brochure

Portable Delivery Systems-ProQuest I

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Average Rating: out of 5 stars
Lions Dental Supply # 553474939
$ 999
(79.2 ¢/ea)


Length:     24.5”  (62.2 cm)
Width:    10.0”  (25.4 cm)
Height:     20.0”  (50.8 cm)
Weight:     60 lbs.  (27.3 kg)

Power:     1/3 hp
Vacuum Strength:    12” Hg
Vacuum Flow:   4.6 cfm
Waste Receptacle:     2 qt. (1.9 Liter)
Sound Level:    46 dB
Automatic Overflow Shutoff Valve

Power Supply:     115 Volts/60Hz
          220 Volts/50Hz
Circuit Breaker:     15 amps
Hospital Grade Wiring:     NEMA Type
                                           5-15P Plug
Speed:     0 - 200,000 rpm
Power:     6 amps, 150 watts
ISO E-type attachment
Forward and reverse control
Variable speed foot control
Internal triple-port water spray

Piezo-electric scaler
Light curing wand
Fiber optics for handpiece (ProQuest II)
Additional handpiece attachments

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