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Vector Piezo Tech Power Plus Desk-top Scaler

Vector Piezo Tech Power Plus Desk-top Scaler

Piezo Tech Power Plus Desk-top Scaler


Vector Piezo Technologies offers a wide selection of scaling tips from general scaling to endodontics all at very competitive prices. Because the Piezo Technologies units Can Be order to fit EMS or Satelec type scaling tips all EMS and Satelec tips can be used on either of these units, thus expanding the range of tips even more. Compare the quality of Piezo Technology scaling tips to other “off brand” or “discount” scaling tips – you will immediately recognize the quality and performance difference of these tips. These tips are designed and manufactured to perform as good if not better than the original manufacture tips.

The Satelec Unit Sku: # PT-PP200S
The EMS  Sku: # PT-PP200E

This unit includes a selection of 5 scaling tips one of each general scaling inserts (G1, G2, G3, G4) and our most popular perio tip the P1. We also offer a built-in scaler for those customers who want the ultimate in convenience by having the scaler right there on the control unit head. This is a great option for those customers buying new equipment as the unit can be shipped to the equipment manufacture and installed at the factory. Was Private Labeled for Henry Schein Acclean Ultra #1126229

Compare and save there is no other manufacture which offers such a high quality unit at even double the price!  1Year Warranty

Reg $ 599  $ 449