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Panoura Ultra Panoramic & TMJ Unit

 Panoura Ultra Panoramic and TMJ Unit

Panoura Ultra Panoramic & TMJ Unit (Dent-X)

Panoramic Unit

Panoura Ultra Panoramic Unit delivers high quality panoramic, cephalometric and TMJ images with the ease and simplicity of full automation and computer control. Panoura ULTRA Systems, proven worldwide, are impeccably engineered by the Yoshida Company of Japan and distributed and serviced in the United States and Canada exclusively by Dent-X.

The system features vertical tubehead travel (chin rest position) from 33 3/4 to 67 1/4 inches accommodating larger patients, children or wheelchair patients. The system has a 1 year warranty while the tube head carries a 2 year warranty.

Panoura ULTRA utilizes three selectable focal trough shapes to precisely correspond to the size of the patient's dental arch. Positioning lights provide three-plane stabilization.

The three selectable orbits also ensure maximum clarity in TMJ radiographs. Full automation and sophisticated software facilitate positioning of both patient and cassette. A head size sensor automatically selects the proper exposure based on patient size. Computerized adjustments make conversion between Pan, TMJ and (optional) Ceph modes easy and mistake proof. 2 year warranty

Panoura ULTRA may be ordered either as panoramic or combination pan/ceph. Panoramic units can also be upgraded to pan/ceph at any time. And most importantly, Panoura ULTRA units can be readily upgraded for digital radiography.

Panoura Ultra Panoramic & TMJ Unit

The Yoshida/Dent-X Panoura ULTRA is the result of 80 years experience developing and manufacturing x-ray systems. Dent-X has been serving the dental community with reliable imaging and processing systems, worldwide, for over two decades.

Panoura Ultra Panoramic & TMJ Unit (Dent-X)

reg $ 18,699