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P6 Piezo Scaler By Bonart

Bonart ART P6 Dental Piezo Scaler

ART-P6 Piezo Electric Dental Scaler( BONART)

ART-P6 Piezo Electric Compact Sized Scaler

Unit is designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding scaling environment. System is portable and lightweight weighing only 3.52 lbs; it comes with a built in power setting knob (1-20) that allow users to set power output at their desired level of operation. Technical specifcations are as follows:
- Power Supply: Available in either 115Volts or 230 Volts
- Working Freq.:  28KHz to 32KHz.
- Water Supply: 25-60Psi (172-414kPA)
- Dimension: 7.68"(L)x3.38"(W)x3.27"(H)
- Weight: 3.52 lbs.
- Handpiece Cable Length: 8.52 feet
- Footswitch Cable Length: 8.52 feet
- Operation Environment Temparature: 0-140 degrees F
- Relative Humidity: 10-90% (non-condensing)
System includes 4 tips and 1 plastic wrench; Tips Are compatable to Aceton. 3 tips and 1 plastic wrench in other regions.  5 year power unit warranty




REG $ 1,099  SALE $ 359


ART BS Series Piezo Hand Piece For Bonart P3II, P4 and P6 Piezo Units

Piezo handpiece for P3-II , P4 & P6 Units PS0018-262

This piezo hand piece utilizes an improved transducer for more power and minimal pain during scaling, endo, and perio procedures. The hand piece can be steam autoclaved. The BS series hand piece is also compatible with Satelec tips

$ 199