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Nomad Hand-Held X-Ray System By Aribex

Nomad Hand-Held X-Ray System By Aribex

Nomad™ Hand-Held X-Ray System (Aribex)

Now true portability in x-ray technology! The NOMAD offers cordless hand-held operation, running on rechargeable battery packs. More than 100 exposures on one battery charge. Optimal for remote use, the NOMAD is contained in an easily transportable case with pull-out handle and wheels. Perfect for humanitarian & missionary work or to conveniently move from station to station in a clinical setting.


 Nomad HandHeld X-Ray Unit Manual


  • High-frequency, constant-potential x-ray generator provides constant radiation output, reducing skin dose to the patient relative to traditional half-wave (AC) generators.
  • Ease of operation - Fixed high voltage (60kV) and Current (2.3mA) - the only operator input is the exposure time.
  • Very lightweight - less than 9 lbs (4kg) and provides complete flexibility and convenience to move from chair to chair throughout the office.
  • Compatible with both film and digital imaging systems.
  • Operator Protection - External backscatter shield and internal radiation shielding protects the operator from radiation exposure.
  • The ARU-06CE system includes two rechargeable battery packs, backscatter shield, battery charger, transport case, and NOMAD x-ray.
  • System is also available without the transport case and the option of a 220 volt battery charger.
  • FDA Approved


Nomad Hand-Held X-Ray System By Aribex

travel case

Allows for easy travel and on the go doctors to protect the Nomad X-ray unit. Secure strong case is Ideal for the traveling dentist or mission field work.

Stand for NOMAD X-Ray

  • Secure, telescoping frame
  • Easy to position, light weight
  • Rotating X-ray mounting clamp
  • Post extends from 36" to 60" (91.4 to 152.4 cm)
  • Includes vinyl carrying case


Nomad Hand-Held X-Ray System By Aribex

Nomad Hand Held Portable X-Ray Unit W/ Case

reg $ 8,599   SALE $ 6,999

Nomad Hand Held Portable X-Ray Unit W/o Case

reg $ 8,299   $ 6,399

Nomad Battery Pack # ARU-06BP $ 211
Nomad Carring Case #410171   $ 559