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Mobile Dental Vacuum Unit

DNTL Works Mobile Dental Vacuum Unit

DNTLworks Portable Vacuum Unit - Mobile Vacuum Unit

This Mobile Vacuum is perfect where the central installation is impractical, and for practitioners with an extra office to furnish.
Measures only 13" x 16" x 26". It is no obstacle at chairside and stores inconspicuously.
Value Priced
Easily the least expensive of oral evacuation units.  Excellent for limited budgets.
Ideal for Backup
A lifesaver when the central system breaks down. The user just rolls it out, plugs it in, and keeps operating.
Easy Maintenance
Non-corrosive collection canister cleans easily and is equipped with an automatic overflow shut-off. The motor comes with a one-year guarantee and can be replaced in minutes with a screwdriver.
Adjustable motor speed can evacuate indefinitely at the rate of 75 cfm, or can be adjusted to the user's preference.
Moves Easily
Rolls quietly on large polyethylene carpet casters.
Special Uses
Needed especially by the dentist in a temporary location or when it is not feasible to install a central system. Perfect for such specialists as

  • Periodontists
  • Orthodontists
  • Endodontists
  • Hygienists and other professions

Mobile Vacuum Unit for In-Office Use 

Reg $ 2,518   $ 1,999

Mobile Vacuum Unit With Amalgam Separator for In-Office Use 

Reg $ 3,035   $ 2,466

White Granite impact-resistant polyethylene.
Equipped with Muffler System for quiet operation
Valves on each suction hose
Hanger provided for hose
High volume suction
101008 (PV-5)
101009 7/8 HP
115 VAC, 50/60 Hz
101009 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
4.0 Amps Sound Level db 70 db at 100%
Motor Control Variable Speed Control
Construction Molded polyethylene
Impact Resistant
Chair Capacity Comes with 2 hoses

Download Spec Sheet

Download Operation Manual 

Dental Mobile Vacuum Unit with Amalgam Separator for In-Office Use