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Dentamerica MicroMax Brite LED Cordless Polishing Hygiene Handpiece

Dentamerica MicroMax Brite LED Cordless Polishing Prophy Hygiene Handpiece

Dentamerica MicroMax Brite LED Cordless Prophylaxis Hygiene Handpiece

Built-in LED illuminates the oral cavity for easy operation.
Cordless convenience offers complete portability.
Easy to read LCD display.
Heavy-duty high torque motor.
Automatic forward/reverse functions.
Switch from rotary to reciprocating with a press of a button.
Nine rotation speeds available for different applications.
High capacity lithium-ion battery.
Four different attachments available choose from.

Input: AC 100~240V  50/60Hz  0.2A
Dimensions (Handpiece): L201 x W26 x H31 mm
Weight(Handpiece): 160g
Dimensions (Charging Station): L105 x W85 x H59 mm
Weight(Charging Station): 125g

Accessories: Handpiece, Contra Angle Mini Head (Without Prophylaxis Cup), Charging Station, Power Cable for Charging Station, LED Light Module, Instructions.

Reg $ 999  $ 759


Additional Heads For Dentamerica MicroMax Brite Prophy Polisher

Latch Head Type SKU# 177401  $ 169

Screw Head Type SKU# 177402 $ 169

Snap Head Type SKU# 177403 $ 169
Straight Head Type SKU# 177408 $ 169
Replacement Battery For MicroMax  SKU# 17801 $ 129