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MTC 8500 Series Dental High Speed Handpieces

MTC Smart SF 8500 Series FiberOptic Dental Hanpiece

Smart SF 8500 Series FiberOptic Hanpiece (MTC)

Special advantages:
Fiber optic (& Quick-Connector), Lube-free, 5-port Spray, Power >15 W, Anti-retraction System, Lightweight, Ergonomic, Easy Cartridge Replacement, Available in Polished or Matte Head Finish.

"Engineered to reduce maintenance, the Smart SF 8501 fiberoptic handpiece offers the following features: Lube-free bearings, a 5-port water spray for high-quality cooling, extra power that can exceed 15W, and an anti-retraction system to prevent patient cross-contamination. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the handpiece also includes a large-button auto-chuck, silent operation, and low vibration. It offers a smooth, controlled cut; bright illumination; and resistance to multiple autoclave cycles. To make its use fast and easy, the handpiece also features a simple-to-replace cartridge as well as a QF-7 snap-on swivel-quick connector, available in both 4-hole (6 pin) and 5-hole versions."

The Reality Institute in Houston, Texas has awarded 4 Stars to MTC High Speed Air Turbine Handpiece SMART SF 8501 / 8502

REG $ 999   $649

Product Features: SMART SF 8501 / 2 Fiber Optics
The original true lube-free handpiece on the marketNothing takes more time for staff than lubing, so this innovative MTC lube-free feature makes this handpiece more safe when you use the adhesive for bonding.
Strong fiber optic lightExtending 25,000 LUX to the very spot of treatment, where the light is most needed, assisting the dentist in high precision performances.
Silent operationSilent operation (< 60 dB/A) - reducing patient stress, allowing calm working atmosphere.
Speed and powerWith over 15 Watt, 400.000 rpm, high concentricity and well-balanced turbine, performance time can be reduced, for cost effective treatment and to the alleviation of both patient and dentist.
Auto chuck systemWhat a pleasure to simply push a button instead of fiddling with a key!
5-port water sprayFrom 5 different angles, these ports provide a most efficient cooling spray, for short as well as long burs.
Quick-connection360° swivel and quick-connection provide total freedom of movement!
Ergonomic designUser-friendly and most convenient to work with.
Low vibrationEach turbine is dynamically balanced.
More safety featuresThe anti-retraction system, 5-port water spray and lube-free features make this a safer Handpiece.
Optimal coolingState-of-the-art, highly efficient cooling system, with 5-port water spray.
Fully sterilizableFully sterilizable by autoclave or chemiclave.
Anti-retraction systemAn anti-retraction device prevents patient's saliva and bacteria from being sucked back into the waterline, thus reducing cross-contamination by keeping the whole system clean.
LightweightSimply delightful to hold a Handpiece weighing only 32 gr. / 1.13 oz.
Easy cartridge replacementSimple and fast mechanism allows easy cartridge replacement by any technician according to instructions in Owner's Manual.
1-Year warrantyMTC High Speed Air Turbine Handpieces carry a warranty of 12 months on turbine and handpiece against defects in materials and workmanship.
Connections availableType B5 Hole - ISO 9168
Type C4 Hole - ISO 9168

MTC Highspeed Dental Handpiece Quick Connectors

Quick Connectors (MTC)

QF-7 Type C4 or B5
Fiber Optic

$ 199

Dental Handpiece Connector Types

Midwest Quiet ,Kavo, bein air, nsk, Super Torque, Mti Lynx ,Star, are registered trade names. No implication is made that these products are original factory products or that these companies endorse our products.

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