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Intra-X Automatic Dental X-Ray Film Developer

Intra-X Automatic X-Ray Film Developer

Velopex Intra-X Automatic X-Ray Film Developer

Reliability, Quality and Speed

The Intra-X Developer Processes all sizes of intra-oral film. High quality, archivable radiographs are delivered dry in four and a half minutes. Endodontic films may be viewed wet after only two minutes and 30 seconds.

Easy-to-use daylight loader (optional) eliminates the need for a darkroom. Films are processed automatically on insertion of the film. Unique film transport system ensures consistently excellent results. Electronic management system shows machine status and help codes. Compact dimensions, simple installation and minimal servicing.1 Year Warranty.

High quality radiographs, fast
The Intra-X processor saves time and reduces patient recalls.  Dry-to-dry radiographs of high quality are available in just five minutes, supporting the dentist's diagnosis while the patient is still in the surgery.  A preview facility allows endodontic films to be viewed wet within 150 seconds. 

Intra-X Dental Film Processor Reg $ 2,569 Sale $ 2,169

Intra-X Film Processor With Day Light Loader Reg $ 2,999 Sale $ 2,299

Intra-X Film Processor Day Light Loader Reg $ 599  Sale $ 349

Unique film transport system
The key to the processor’s performance and efficiency is the unique Velopex film transport system, which holds each x-ray film stationary and gently protected between two continuous permeable belts.  This well-proven system virtually eliminates the risk of film loss and ensures uniform exposure of the film to the chemicals for consistently excellent results.

Automatic processing
The Velopex Intra-X is very easy to use.  Switch on, and the processing chemicals are brought to working temperature automatically.  Post the films through the entry slot in any order irrespective of size, and the machine develops them dry-to-dry in four and a half minutes without further attention.

Electronic machine management
An electronic management system provides at-a-glance information on machine status.  The indicator panel shows when the unit is warming up, when it has reached operating temperature, and how long before a posted film will appear.  Audible signals advise that a film is safely within the transport system and that the next film can be inserted.  Self-diagnostics warn of any fault in the machine’s operation, displaying the relevant error codes to assist rectification.

Stand-by mode
After the final film has been processed, the Intra-X switches to stand-by mode, automatically maintaining the correct temperature for immediate further use.

Intra-X Automatic Dental X-Ray Film Processor

Intra-X Automatic Dental X-Ray Film Processor

Daylight operation
A convenient, rigid daylight loader is available for the Intra-X.  This eliminates the need for a darkroom and relieves staff from working with chemicals in dark, confined spaces.  It also reduces the risk of film fogging commonly associated with poorly constructed darkrooms.  The loader is easily fitted and removed, and may be retro-fitted to Intra-X machines ordered to darkroom-only specification.

Deep processing tanks
Deep chemical tanks provide for a long film transport path, ensuring generous contact with the processing solutions.  The slim shape of the tanks keeps the surface area small, reducing the effects of chemical oxidation and evaporation. 

Compact and easily installed
The Intra-X is compact and it is attractively designed to complement the modern surgery environment.  No plumbing-in is required.  Installation is merely a matter of filling with developer, fixer and water, then connecting to a standard power socket.

Minimal maintenance
Routine chemical replacement and cleaning are quick and straightforward, and the entire machine is designed for long life, maximum reliability and simple user servicing.  The unique modular construction of the film transport system ensures that, should a transport module ever require renewal, it can be replaced in seconds at modest cost.


DIMENSIONS: Width: 290mm/11½”
  Height: 315mm/12½”
  depth: 635mm/25” (+ daylight loader)
    435mm/17” (- daylight loader)
WEIGHT: Empty: 12.1Kg (26½ lb)
  Full tanks: 13.9Kg (30½ lb)
TANK CAPACITY: 1.5 US Quarts each tank
VOLTAGE: 220-240V, 110-120V (50/60Hz)
CHEMICAL TEMP: Developer: 25ºC (77ºF)
  Fixer: 27.5ºC (81.5ºF)
WARM-UP TIME: 10 minutes approx.
FILM FEED SPEED: 470mm (18.5”) per min
MAX FILM WIDTH: 65mm (2.5”)
PROCESSING TIME: Dry: 4½ mins approx.
  Wet: 2.5 mins approx.
COMPLIES WITH: IEC61010-1:2001 (2nd edition)
  EN 61010-1:2001 (2nd edition)
  UL61010-1 July 12, 2004 deviations
  CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.61010-1
Shipping Weight

26 Lbs 26" x 14" x 15"

Intra-X Automatic X-Ray Film Processor