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Hilux 250 Halogen Dental Curing Light Units

 Hilux 250 Halogen Curing Light

Hilux 250 Halogen Dental Curing Light (Frist Medica)

The Hilux 250 Fast Halogen Curing Light features consistent high power output (600-800 mw/cm2), one hand operation, 10-90 second timer cycles, 11 mm autoclavable light guide seven mounting options and a built in pass/fail radiometer to check power output before each procedure. The Hilux 250 has an improved fan and vent design for better cooling and lower noise levels. The Hilux 250 offers superior performance and design at an affordable price, and backed by a two year hassle free warranty .

REG $ 949    Discontinued

Replacement Parts For Hilux 250 Halogen Curing Light

Light Guide Probe 8 mm For Hilux 250 Curing Light #M011-24  $ 99.99 

Light Guide Probe 11 mm For Hilux 250 Curing Light #M015-24  $ 99.99 

Light Guide Probe Turbo Tip For Hilux 250 Curing Light #M012-24  $ 169.99 

75Watt Bulb For Hilux Curing Light #M010-25  $ 69.99 

52Watt Bulb For Hilux Curing Light #M020  $ 69.99 

Blast Digital Meter For Hilux Curing Light #LBM02  $ 239.99