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Delivery Units & Mobile Carts
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Electrosurgery Units For Dental
Endodontic Rotary Systems
Endodontic Obturation & Thermal Condensors
Film Processors
Implant Motor Systems
Intraoral Cameras
Intraoral Digital Scanners
Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Micro Motors
Mobile Carts
Operatory Lights
Operatory Packages
Phosphor Plate Scanner Digital X-Ray System
Piezo Scalers
Portable Delivery Units
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Ultrasonic Scalers
Vacuum Systems
X-Ray Equipment
X Ray Units
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FAQ's for Lions Dental Equipment

Does your Dental Equipment Come with a Warranty ?

Yes, All Our Dental Equipment has a manufacturer warranty. Just like anything you buy, A washer , Dryer , or Car they all come with a Manufacturer warranty. We as dealers Help you if anything goes wrong with in that warranty period. 

How long is the warranty on your Dental Equipment ?

So each Manufacturer makes the warranty Period. Standard warranty is 1 year and others are up to 5 years.

Why did my Order Come in a reused box ?

We here at Lions Dental Supply and Equipment try to save the enviorment and money on reusing any boxes and packaging that we get shipped to us. This in turn helps us keep our prices low. Had a doctor once who was use to ordering from patterson and told us we should use new boxes. If we did we would have to raise the price on each item just so you can get a new box to throw out right away when you get your order. Just very wasteful.

Does Lions Dental Supply Accept Returns ?

Yes and NO. We do not accept returns on Equipment or Parts. Please see terms and Conditions for the specifics. We do Allow returns on Supplies With in a 7 day period. No one wants a Returned Piece of Equipment Sold to them as new but it was really just returned from another customer. So we do not take returns on equipment for that reason.

How long Has Lions Dental Supply Been Around ?

We have Been In Business Since 2003. Working Hard to save you money every step of the way.

How does Lions Dental Supply Offer such low prices on Dental Equipment ?

We try to save money every step of the way. So that we can pass those savings onto you the Dental Professional. We don't try to make a killing of each item. We want to earn you as a customer for the Long Haul. We work hard to serve the Dental Industry and We are sure you do too. So we try to help keep the costs down for you. 

How does Lions Dental Supply Ship My Order ?

This goes back to saving money and passing along the savings. We ship with the most economical shipping company. USPS and Fedex Mostly.

How Long Does it Take to receive my order ?

It Usually takes 5 to 7 Business Days. But only if we have it in stock. A lot of Dental Equipment is Drop shipped From the manufacturer Directly to you. So this may change the Amount of time it takes to get to you. Along with the Covid Supply Chain shortages there may be a longer than usual wait time. Please call or email to inquire about the delivery time of a specific piece of Equipment. you can also check the estimated shipping time table from fedex on our "terms and conditions" page. 

Does Lions Dental Supply And Equipment Guarantee a Delivery Date for my Equipment order ?

No, All shipping times are estimates. A number of things could go wrong with the shipment on its way to you. besides weather. Also we run into back orders with Dental Equipment all the time now thanks to Covid and manufacturers not being able to supply all the orders.

Why do I see 2 Prices when I Push add to Cart ?

Well we here at Lions Dental Supply We Give a cash discount when you pay by check. So if you choose to take advantage of that. You can Write the check out to us. Take a picture of the check and email it to us to complete your order. No need to physically mail it. Just email or call to get the total cost with shipping and tax. If we collect tax in your District. This goes back to us trying to save you money. If you can pay by check then we take off the credit card Processing Percentage Fee.