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Endo A Class Endodontic Rotary System

Endo A Class Endodontic LED Rotary System

Endo A Class Endodontic LED Rotary System

Endo A Class is a cordless endodontic handpiece with Led Lighted Handpiece, which can drive from 600 rpm with a torque of 3.0 Ncm (16:1). Wider LCD Display. Torque Level is Displayed at real time. Endo A Class has an Auto Stop Reverse safety function that's absolutely essential for patients’ peace of mind while on endodontic treatment. This happens when the preset torque exceeds the limit; the handpiece stops and immediately runs in reverse automatically.

Recipeocating System- Forward reciprocating, & Reverse Reciprocating mode by repeatable back and forth motion.

Push Button Miniature Head

9 Memory Programs- Forward , Reverse, Forward Reciprocating, Reverse Reciprocating, Speed Torque, Buzzer.

Li-Ion Battery Operable for 90 min.

Endo A Class Endodontic LED Rotary System  Reg $ 1,299  Sale $ 799 

Endo A Class Endodontic None Led Rotary System  Reg $ 1,119  Sale $ 719 

Endo A Class Endodontic LED Rotary System