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Dentimax Digital X-Ray Dream Sensors 

Dentimax Dream Sensor Systems

Dentimax USB Dental Digital X-Ray Dream Sensor

We've been working our tails off over here at DentiMax to produce the hottest sensor on the market... and it's finally here 

Say Hello to DentiMax Dream Sensor, The Award-Winning Dental X-Ray Sensor. Here's what you asked for, and what we've delivered:

  • Unparalleled Image quality (CMOS)                   
  • Ridiculously thin sensor head
  • Smooth rounded corners for comfort
  • Heavy-duty cable (for all those biters)
  • ...And most importantly...

Call For Price

DentiMax Dental Sensors
Blows Other Dental Sensors Out Of The Water
The DentiMax Dream Sensors deliver high-quality X-rays, offer superb dependability, and provide ultimate patient comfort. Plus, they work with your software.

Dentimax digital Sensor is the latest innovation in digital x-ray sensors by introducing the most user-friendly sensor on the market today. This sensor is designed with the most innovative features including unique grooves, an easy-to-use sensor holder system, plus low radiation exposure making it easier than ever to use. In addition to these features, it is one of the most durable, high-resolution sensors used in dentistry today.

Where else can you find a digital X-ray Sensor and Pratice managment softwear company all in one!!!!


DentaMax Dream Sensor Digital X-Ray Imaging Sensor

Dentimax Dream Digital X-Ray Sensors

Why Dentists are Switching to DentiMax Dental Xray Sensors

Works With Your Imaging Software
The Dream Sensor works with the majority of imaging software and your current digital imaging.

Superior Dental X-rays
See details you’ve never seen before with our superb crystal clear image quality delivered at the highest resolution possible.

3-Year Warranty
Backed by a 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty and a free 5-Year Protection Plan, plus one year of free support.

Great Value
Affordable x-ray sensors that help you save money and don’t cut corners on features.

Easy Plug-And-Play Integration
With DentiMax, you get a done-for-you installation and seamless integration into your existing imaging software. Our dental sensor seamlessly connects with no extra clicks, or hassle.

Better Diagnosis With Incredible X-ray Images
Our digital X rays show extraordinary anatomical details with reduced noise and improved tissue contrast for accurate diagnoses. Our high-quality digital sensors have an active imaging area of around 900 mm2 allowing you to capture more teeth in the X-ray. We can completely tailor the X-ray to be sharper, smoother, lighter, or darker, ensuring you get the perfect image.

 DentiMax Dream Sensor has been recognized as one of the best dental sensors on the market. Our commitment to delivering a high-quality and low cost digital dental sensor has earned us several dental product awards. Experience for yourself why the DentiMax Dream Sensor earned the Dental Advisor’s Editors’ Choice award and a 4.8 out of 5 from Dental Product Shopper
– the highest score ever given to a dental sensor.


Dentimax Dream Digital X-Ray Sensors

Dentimax Dream Digital X-Ray Sensors

Dental Sensors Built For Comfort & Durability
Our sensors are designed to make the DentiMax Dream Sensor one of the thinnest sensors on the market today. It’s easy to position and its beveled edges maximize comfort to ensure a painless experience for patients.

  • Direct USB port connection
  • Round corners for patient comfort
  • Kevlar® reinforced cable
  • Thinnest CMOS on the market (5.3mm)
  • Waterproof sealed housing

Dentimax Dream Digital X-Ray Sensors

Dentimax Dream Digital X-Ray Sensors