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Dental Medical Mobile Floor Operatory Light

Dental Medical Mobile Surgical Halogen Examination Lamp

Dental Medical Clinic Mobile Surgical halogen Examination Lamp

The Portable Medical Halogen Light is strong at 35Watts, flexible arm remains stationary where required. It gives bright, even illumination with an unobstructed view of field. provides local lighting for doctor in the process of Examination or surgery. Used in dental, hospital outpatient service and the operating room with auxiliary light source. Spot is uniform, brightness adjustable, digital display.
Voltage?AC 100V~240V/50Hz 60Hz
Bulb Power?35W
Life of Bulb?2000hours
Spot Size diameter?60-320mm
Color teperature?3000k
Hieght: 41" to 74"

reg $ 1,299   $ 699

Illuminate your dental procedures with precision using Dental Operatory Lights. These state-of-the-art lighting solutions are designed to optimize visibility and enhance patient comfort:

Sharp, Shadow-Free Illumination: Dental Operatory Lights deliver superior brightness, eliminating shadows and ensuring a clear, detailed view of the oral cavity. Boost your diagnostic accuracy and treatment precision.
Patient-Centric Design: Prioritize patient well-being with gentle, glare-free lighting that creates a relaxed, comfortable environment. Reduce patient anxiety and enhance their overall experience during dental procedures.
Eco-Friendly Efficiency: Our energy-efficient LED lights not only provide exceptional illumination but also contribute to environmentally responsible dental practices by reducing energy consumption.
Customized Lighting Control: Tailor lighting angles and intensity to suit the specific requirements of each procedure. Benefit from the flexibility and adaptability of Dental Operatory Lights, ensuring ideal conditions for every treatment.
Durability and Dependability: Built for longevity and reliability, our lights require minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.
Upgrade your dental practice with Dental Operatory Lights and elevate your clinical precision and patient satisfaction. Join the community of dental professionals who trust our lighting solutions. Choose Dental Operatory Lights today to enhance your practice's lighting capabilities and overall performance.