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Lions Dental Equipment Specials

Dental Laboratory Handpieces and Micro Motors

Dental laboratory handpieces and Micro Motors are one of the most used equipment in the dental lab. These Dental Micro Motors are designed for working on models, finishing and polishing restoration, cutting off sprues and much more. There are numerous options when it comes to finding the best handpiece for your Dental lab, so be sure to find one that is ready for the tasks you regularly perform. When choosing a dental laboratory handpiece and Micro Motor, consider what features that will be most beneficial to your dental lab as well as what materials your lab works with most frequently. Most dental laboratory Micro Motors come with a corresponding handpiece, however, many vendors also offer a variety handpieces for each motor. Dental laboratory Micro Motors are often controlled via foot pedal, although some do offer a hand dial. If space is an issue, there are wall mounted motors. If mobility is important, there are also lightweight compact motors. You should Chose a Dental Micro Motor That Has the Torque you need. If you are grinding or cutting stone you will need a Dental Micro Motor with High Torque. Dental Micro Motors are also used for Hair Transplants, Wood Carving, and Acrylic Nails

Dental Laboratory Micro Motors

 500-4 Next Gen Syncro-Torque IV Brushless Micro Motor

Saeyang Marathon Handy 700 Brushless Dental , Medical Hair Transplant, And Nail Salon Micro Motor

Saeyang Marathon Handy Eco-1000 Dental Laboratory Brushless Micro Motor

 SaeYang Marathon 600 Duo Brushless and Brushed dental Micro Motor

SaeYang Marathon 3 Mighty Dental Micro Motor

Saeyang Marathon Handy 702 Dental Laboratory Micro Motor

 Saeyang Marathon N7  Dental Laboratory Micro Motor

 Saeyang Marathon N2 Dental And Nail Salon Micro Motor

Marathon N7  Micro Motor

reg $ 499

Sale $ 319

Marathon N2 Dental Micro Motor

reg $ 499

Sale $ 316

Escort II Pro Version 2 Micro Motor For Dental , Medical Hair Transplant and Nail Salon

 SaeYang Marathon 4 Dental Laboratory, Hair Transplant , Nail Salon Micro Motor

SaeYang Marathon Escort III Dental Laboratory, Hair Transplant , Nail Salon Micro Motor

SaeYang Marathon N7R / Eco 450 Dental Medical / Nail Salon Micro Motor

K38 Portable Dental laboratory or Nail Salon Micro Motor

KSaeyang K35 Dental laboratory, Medical Hair Transplant, Nail Salon Micro Motor

Saeyang Marathon Micro Motor For Dental And Hair Transplant

 Saeyang Marathon 3 Champion dental Laboratory, Medical Hair Transplant, And Nail Salon Micro MotorSaeyang Marathon Micro Motor For Dental And Hair Transplant

Combi 24 Portable Hair Transplant Unit/ Dental Polisher & Micro Motor


 Buffalo X40 Dental Laboratory Micro motor

Buffalo X40 Lab Micro Motor

reg $ 1,099

Sale $ 769

 Buffalo Dental X35 Dental Laboratory Micro motor

Buffalo X35 Lab Micro Motor

reg $ 899

Sale $ 712

 Buffalo Dental M35 Dental Laboratory Micro motor

Buffalo M35 Lab Micro Motor

reg $ 699

Sale $ 483

 Buffalo Dental V35 Dental Laboratory Micro motor

 Buffalo Dental Magic Wand Dental Laboratory Micro motor

 Rotex 782 Electric Dental Laboratory Micro motor

 Rotex 782E Electric Dental Laboratory Micro motor

Buffalo V35 Micro Motor

reg $ 659

Sale $ 485

Buffalo Magic Wand Micro Motor

reg $ 699

Sale $ 479

Dentamerica Rotex 782 Micro Motor

reg $ 599

Sale  $ 429

Buffalo Dental Max Air Laboratory High Speed Handpiece

SaeYang Marathon 103 dental Labratory Milling Machine

Heavy Duty Laboratory Bench Engine No.16

 Rotex 780 Electric Dental Laboratory Micro motor


A dental lab motor is a primary device for every laboratory, and one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment.  Motors are designed for working on models, finishing and polishing restorative devices, and cutting off sprues among other tasks. These motors often have corresponding handpieces, which are included as a set.

Choosing a Dental Lab Motor

The motor you choose is based on the materials the laboratory uses most often, as well as the operating system most suitable for your purposes. Whether you opt for a motor controlled by a foot pedal or prefer a hand dial, it’s important that it matches your ideal way of working. For laboratories where space is at a premium, vertical or horizontal placement dental motors offer a smaller footprint. If mobility is a requirement, compact, lightweight or portable motors are the solution. When you’re making a selection it’s important to consider all aspects of the product, including grinding power and maintenance processes.

Types of Dental Motors
Dental motors come in two different types: air-driven turbines and electric motors. Air motors drive the burs indirectly at a maximum speed of 350,000 rpm, but electric motors have become more popular in the past few decades as innovations in design, materials, torque and light make usage faster and easier. These motors reach idling speeds of up to 50,000 rpm, and the torque ensures the burs can continue cutting at a constant speed regardless of the load or the material being used.

Within the electric dental lab motor category is a range of models, each designed for specific types of work. The brushless dental micromotor, for example, is used when working with dental grade zirconium, chrome cobalt alloy, and denture acrylic. It’s also suitable to plaster polishing and has a longer lifespan than the brush-type motors, lasting for up to one million 0.5s on-off cycles. Look for a motor that provides consistent torque even at low speeds.

The features depend on the electric dental lab motor model you select, but standard issue typically includes:

Brushless capability
Speeds of up to 50,000 rpm
Higher precision cutting with less vibration
A complete set that includes a control box, handpiece, and speed control foot pedal
Self-diagnostic error display
Support straight and contra-angle handpieces
Work memory storage, and
A one-year warranty.
In the Dental Lab
A dental lab motor is most often used in a laboratory environment with various handpiece models, to perform the heavy-duty grinding and adjustments required to prepare restorative dental devices for delivery. After production, these devices need finishing and polishing to remove superfluous material, before sending the device to the dentist.

In the Dental Practice
Dentists are tasked with fitting restorative devices for their patients, which often requires minor adjustments to be made in-office using dental instruments powered by a motor. Having the best equipment for the job will enable you to trim and polish porcelain, composites, metals or acrylic dentures. In such instances, the brushless dental lab motor is ideal because of the low noise levels and attractive finish.

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