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Lions Dental Equipment Specials

Dental Intraoral Cameras

Claris i5HD Dental Intraoral Camera

HD Owandy-Cam Dental Intraoral Camera

Whicam Story 3 CS IntraOral Dental Camera

Cammy Intraoral Camera

Dr Quick Look SD Plus Camera System Dental Intra Oral camera

My Ray CU2 Intraoral Dental Camera

 Multycam INtraoral Dental Camera

Claris i4D Dental Intraoral Camera

DrQuickLook SD Plus Intraoral Camera System (DrQuickLook)

reg 2,359


DXM MultyCam Intraoral Dental Camera

reg $ 2,999

Sale $ 1,999

When you need large and small dental equipment such as intraoral cameras, you can find them here. Lions Dental Supply & Equipment  offers new items that help keep your overhead low. For more than 22 years, we have assisted dentists by equipping them with high-quality items that combine function and aesthetics at affordable prices.

What Is an Intraoral Camera?

Dentists use a wide array of instruments to provide different services. For dental examinations in particular, dentists can make their patients see the condition of their teeth and gums with the use of an intraoral camera. Intraoral cameras enable dentists to project what they see on a separate TV screen that patients can look at to get a better understanding of their oral health. Shaped like a pen, an intraoral camera can also take digital pictures inside the mouth, thus serving as an educational tool for patients.

Give your patients a pleasant dental experience with an intraoral camera from Lions Dental Supply and Equipment. Aside from allowing patients to participate in their dental examinations, it also helps them arrive at more informed decisions when discussing a treatment plan.

Diagnose cavities and investigate other dental diseases with accurate and state-of-the-art intraoral cameras. While each of our cameras may differ in system requirements, you can be assured that all of our products are simple to use, portable and compact to carry around, and versatile in their capabilities.

Intraoral Camera Brands

Whether you need an intraoral camera that can store up to 1,000 dental images or have multiple viewing modes, we have what you need. Currently, we carry products from trusted brands, including:

Flight Dental
SOTA Imaging
Dr Quick Look

The most commonly used tools by dental professionals for clinical documentation, intraoral cameras have almost completely replaced the use of film for operatory photography. Zoom capacity rivals that of conventional microscopes, and most of these portable, wand-shaped cameras are digital, providing exceptional visibility for diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring over time. Instantly captured high-definition images enhance patient compliance and education by allowing patients to see what the clinician sees. Some intraoral cameras also can capture extraoral images, such as those needed for patient records.

Images are easily shared and the systems integrate with a range of imaging and practice management software applications. They connect easily to computers either wirelessly, or via USB or docking stations. Most intraoral cameras employ LED, enabling image capture without external lighting.

Practitioners selecting intraoral cameras should keep in mind that:

-Higher-resolution cameras tend to capture images with better clarity

-User-friendly USB connectivity facilitates movement from room to room

-The capture button should be positioned to allow snapping of images regardless of orientation in the mouth (in some cameras, a swipe function eliminates the need to push a button)

-Included software or drivers should be compatible with existing software (“TWAIN compliant” indicates that different cameras are compatible with different software applications).\

Enhance diagnostic power and patient education while increasing revenues with Lions Dental Supply and Equipment's wide selection of dental intraoral cameras. With consistent illumination, filtering systems as well as their range of magnification, you and your patients will be amazed by the images these cameras can produce. Portability also means cost-effectiveness as you can easily move your cameras from room to room via docking stations. Our cameras even take advantage of the latest in USB connectivity allowing you to integrate them with a computer and computer network.

Benefits to the practice:

Educational tool of new and existing clients.
Promotes continued growth.
Increases patient acceptance of treatment plan.
Benefits to the Patient:

Patient sees what clinician sees.
Instills sense of value (before/after images).
Benefits to the Dentist:

Increased patient compliance to complex treatment plans.
Simplifies and promotes proper time management in case presentations.
Shows the desire to address patient concerns, needs, and wants.
Promotes quality of workmanship.
Ability to email for response from conferring Specialists / Hygienist.
Addressing previous restoration concerns.
Increases desire for cosmetic procedures.