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Dental Endodontic Supplies

Endo Micro Torch

Endo Micro Torch for Heating Gutta Percha.


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Endodontic Files, Reamers & Accessories

Endodontic files are typically made of stainless steel or nickel-titanium and can be used with rotary or reciprocating endodontic handpieces.

For many years, the standard cutting instruments have been the K-type file, the instrument used most commonly for cleaning and shaping, the H-type (Hedstroem) file, used to enlarge the canal, and the reamer, which is more flexible than the file and is used to enlarge the pulp canal after broaches have been used. Advances in file design include K-type files with increasing flexibility and fracture-resistance, and a move away from the ISO standard 2% taper to files with increasing tapers of up to 12%.

Made most often of nickel titanium, machine-driven files can be used with a variety of techniques (e.g., crown-down, coronal, apical sequential), and the cross-section can be symmetrical, asymmetrical or triangular. While the non-cutting tip is generally the most popular of the machine-driven files, the availability of tips of various lengths ensures optimal fit in any apical canal.

Root Canal Therapy Accessories

Accessories typically included in an endodontic instrument pack include:

DG16 endodontic probe, Western probe and CPITN probe (with clearly visible gradations)
Front surface reflecting mouth
Endo-locking tweezers
Long-shank excavator
Flat plastic, artery forceps and endodontic syringe
Clean stand and file stand
Measuring device (able to be sterilized)
Sterile cotton wool rolls and plegets

Additional accessories that should be readily available include paper points, filling materials and cements, irrigation solutions, medications, and rubber dams.