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Cattani Dental Twin Head 3 cylinder Oilless Air Compressor

Cattani CP070576 Twin Head 3 cylinder Oilless Dental Air Compressor

Cattani Twin Head 3 cylinder Oilless Dental Air Compressor

The CATTANI oil-free Dental Air compressor without oil lubrication complete with drying system and a set of filtres, is capable of supplying dry compressed air of extremely high quality and purity. With the sterilising filter air is treated with an efficiency of 99.9999+% on 0.01 μm particles. We have chosen quality and reliability as  our emblems: this is why we can grant you a 3-year warranty. The Optional deadening plastic cover and the deadening box reduce noise by 10 and 20 dB


With air dryer.
2 Three-phase motors 60 Hz - 3.5 kW - 9.4 Amp
Air tank=150 liters
Produced air with delivery pressure at 5 real
bar: 476 N l/min.
Sound pressure level 74 dB (A).
W=52in.  D= 24in.  H=35in.
Net Weight= 302lbs. Shipping 381 Lbs
56 x 29 x 41
Made In Italy
3 Year Warranty

Cattani 3 Cylinder oilless dental air Compressor Brochure


Cattani Dental Twin Head 3 cylinder Oilless Air Compressor

REG $ 7,659   Call For Price

When clean, hygienic, sterile Dental or medical Compressed air is needed, you Should use the compressor without oil
with filtration system and air drying. The emulsion of water and oil, produced by a
normal lubricated compressor, will notably affect the efficiency of the dentist's rotary instruments;
in addition, given that the air is also used to dry up preparations before Dental cementation, traces of this
emulsion can also prevent proper cementation. This problem becomes more serious when the air
is used in a sterile environment. A sterilizing filter can be inserted only if the air is dry. The use of Dental oil
compressors, combined with filtering systems to trap moisture and emulsified oil, is less safe, more
complicated and will probably end up being more expensive than a Dental oil-less Air compressor.

That is why more and more Dental Offices are choosing to go with Oilless Dental Air Compressors. Oilless Dental Air Compressors generate Clean Oil-Free Air for your working environment.