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Camrex 191A Dental Intraoral Camera

Camrex 191A Dental intraoral Camera

Dentamerica Camrex 191A Intraoral Camera

The CAMREX handpiece is small and lightweight, weighing in at only 89 grams. It contains 4 white LED lamps for illumination to provide maximum color reproduction. The CAMREX has a 4 freeze frame memory stored in its video process unit. Single images can be viewed full screen or 4 images can be viewed simultaneously in a split screen format. The toggle switch is conveniently located on the handpiece so that the user can rotate through the captured images with ease. A built-in lens protector is designed to prevent dust and scratches to the optical components. Also included are disposable sleeves designed to fit snugly on the handpiece to prevent patient cross-contamination.

The Camrex is truly universal, being offered in the NTSC and PAL video formats as well as coming with a universal AC power source (AC 100V~240V). Live images are captured by using either the handpiece freeze button or the included foot pedal. The foot pedal has a special circular design so that it can be comfortably activated from all 360°. The CAMREX 191A is incredibly easy to setup. Just four connections are needed: the AC power supply, the CAMREX handpiece, the foot pedal, and the television video cable. You will be up and running in no time with the simplicity of the CAMREX 191A.

For those who would like to Print and Save their CAMREX images, the CAMREX 191A may also be connected to a computer with optional software and USB adapter. The DENTAMERICA CAMREX Software and USB Video Grabber enable the CAMREX to capture images inside the mouth using a computer. The CAMREX connects to a computer via the computer’s USB port using the USB Video Grabber.

The CAMREX software is both user-friendly and intuitive. The software contains useful functions such as "SAVE", "VIEW", and "PRINT". The "SAVE" function saves images to the computer in a designated Patient Library. The "VIEW" function allows the user to go back and view previously saved images. A helpful search engine is provided to locate each patient and their stored images. The "PRINT" function is provided for hardcopy patient communication or filing purposes.

The image on the monitor can be adjusted for brightness, contrast, and color, using the software’s image adjustment tools. The CAMREX software is also designed for use with either the NTSC or PAL video systems. This software and hardware bundle was designed for users who wish to use their CAMREX with a computer in addition to the normal use of a television monitor. With all of the benefits the CAMREX Intraoral Camera has to offer at an affordable price, no dental office should be without one.

• self-sufficient, ccd technology ,digital image processing. •six white led lamp illumination to provide maximum realistic color reproduction. •built-in lens protector designed to prevent dust and scratches to optical componects. •lightweight only 40 grams, ergonomically designed handpiece.• rotates between live and freeze frame images up to 4 channels. •disposable sleeves included to prevent cross contamination.
• 1-year warranty

Interface : RCA
Sensor 1/4" Color CCD Sensor
Effective Pixels : 410K
Max Resolution : 480 TV Line
Digital Resolution: 8 Bit 256 Grad, 512 x 1024 pixels
Digital I/O : 16 Bits
Electronic Shutter : Automatic, 1/60-1/100,000 sec
Gain Control : Automatic
White Balance : Auto
Auto Exposure : Auto
Dimension : L-182 x W-24 x H-20mm
Rating Voltage : DC5v
Weight : 89 g

REG $1,295   Discontinued

Parts For Camrex 191A Dental intraoral Camera

Disposable Sleeves For Cammy & Camrex Pk 500 #19206 $ 47.99 

Zoom Lens For Camrex & Cammy # 336 $ 54.99 

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